2023 Drink Trends: Sweet Flavors, Cute Garnishes, and Lots of Nostalgia

Lindsey Lanquist
2023 Drink Trends: Sweet Flavors, Cute Garnishes, and Lots of Nostalgia
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In 2022, life might’ve felt fast-paced and chaotic. But one thing’s for sure: There was plenty to drink. The last year blessed us with the Negroni Sbagliato—a “broken” cocktail that substitutes sparkling wine for gin. It also gave us enticingly “dirty” sodas, decadently creamy coffees, and a “healthy” take on Coke that gets its flavor from balsamic vinegar.

And 2023 is shaping up to be just as exciting.

As 2022 comes to a close, food and drink experts have started looking toward the future—and they’ve predicted tons of exciting 2023 drink trends. According to their forecasts, our go-to libations will get sweeter, more elaborate, and more nostalgic in 2023. And thanks to the sheer number of 2023 drink trends on offer, we’ll have plenty of on-trend inspiration to sift through when it’s time to whip up a drink.


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1. Cringe Cocktails

It’s official: 2023 is the year of the “cringe” cocktail. Cringe cocktails are playful, sugary drinks that look fun and taste sweet. (Think: cosmos and porn star martinis.) And while they got big in the late ’90s and early aughts, they’re making a comeback in 2023. Our TikTok feeds are already packed with candy cocktails and fluffy pink drinks. And we’re excited to welcome back some kitschy classics, like banana daiquiris, grasshoppers, and blue lagoons.


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2. Slushies

The easiest way to make a drink more fun? Turn it into a slushie. In 2023, we’re pushing the limits of what can become a frozen drink—and options abound. Frosé remains a favorite. Frozen negronis are taking hold. And all kinds of creative slushies are cropping up on TikTok. One of the best things about this trend? It works with cocktails and mocktails, alike. So you can reimagine everything from mixed drinks to sodas.


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3. Elaborate Shots

It’s no longer enough to pour liquor into a shot glass and call it a day. In 2023, your shots aren’t complete until they’ve been garnished with a sugar rim, dipped in chocolate sauce, or topped with whipped cream. Enterprising TikTokers have mastered the art of elaborate shot-making—and they’ve started a trend that simply can’t be stopped. So get ready to pour your shots in pretty layers, top them with fun ingredients, and make your own edible shot glasses that taste as good as they look.


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4. Fancy Ice Cubes

You don’t need cute glassware to craft a pretty drink. In 2023, home bartenders are transforming their cocktails with pretty ice, instead. So invest in a great ice tray. (Or treat yourself to a few.) And fill it with fun ingredients. With edible glitter, frozen fruit, or a fun-shaped mold, you can whip up eye-catching ice that’ll make any drink look prettier.


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5. Coffee Cocktails

Experts agree: In 2023, we want to consume our coffee in cocktail form. Irish coffees and espresso martinis are two of the most popular drinks in the world. And people are searching for ways to get creative with cold brew, too. What’s nice? Coffee tastes just as great in a mocktail as it does in a cocktail. So even if you’re staying away from alcohol, you can whip up a creative coffee drink worth enjoying morning or night.


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6. Mocktail Bars

These days, great non-alcoholic spirits abound. So making a tasty mocktail is easier than ever. And as non-alcoholic drinks get more and more delicious, many of us are changing the way we drink. Serving NoLo (non-alcoholic or low-proof) drinks at parties has become a hosting must. And lots of people are taking up “blending”—alternating between NoLo drinks and full-strength cocktails on nights out.


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7. Spicy Drinks

In 2023, we don’t just want our drinks to be sweet. Instead, we’re favoring savory and spicy drinks any time we can find them. People are cranking up the heat on classic drinks, like margaritas and Bloody Marys. And savory drinks are becoming just as popular. So as you head into the new year, don’t be afraid to play with the most unusual ingredients in your pantry. Peppers, herbs, and hot sauce can all taste great in cocktails—when paired with the right flavors, of course.


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8. Prebatched Cocktails

The ultimate 2023 party trick? Premake your drinks. Big-batch cocktails—like TikTok-approved fish bowls and jungle juice buckets—are ideal for crowds, since you can make them ahead of time and serve them for hours. And if you want to throw an impromptu party for one, stock up on trendy RTD (ready-to-drink) cocktails, like canned margaritas and bottled old-fashioneds.


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9. DIY Kegs

Classic kegs are great. But in 2023, we’re embracing the creative keg, instead. In the last year, we’ve seen people make kegs out of everything from watermelons to turkeys. And since TikTokers love an unhinged drink trend, we can’t wait to see what DIY kegs await us in 2023. (Will we see kegs made out of enormous pumpkins or unusually large decorative gourds? Our fingers are crossed.)


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10. Sustainable Straws

Sustainability is always top of mind. So as we head into the new year, bartenders are ditching those pesky plastic straws—and favoring straws made of glass, metal, or paper, instead. What’s nice? You don’t have to be a professional to get in on the trend. So stock up on fun straws that’ll upgrade your home bar—while reducing your environmental impact.


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11. Special Occasion Sangria

Popping champagne isn’t the only way to celebrate. In the new year, we’re embracing special occasion sangria—a big-batch cocktail that’s sure to please a crowd. Why sangria? The drink has a simple base, so it’s easy to modify with all kinds of seasonal flavors. TikTokers have already embraced spooky sangria, Thanksgiving sangria, and holiday sangria. So it’s only a matter of time before other special occasions get the sangria treatment, too.


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12. Creative Garnishes

Garnishes put the finishing touches on any cocktail. And in 2023, we’re going all out with them. We’re talking: dehydrated fruit slices, edible flowers, and loaded cocktail picks. The key? Remember that the best garnishes don’t just look pretty—they complement the flavors in the drink they’re topping. So consider what ingredients would round out your just-made cocktail, and display them on your drink in the prettiest way imaginable.