Get A-Head Of 2021’s Biggest Hat Trends

Bella Gerard
Get A-Head Of 2021’s Biggest Hat Trends
Photo: Courtesy of Kangol/Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

This won’t be the last time you hear me say this: 2021 will be the year of over-accessorizing. After being stuck inside for most of 2020, fashionistas are itching to pile it on and head out, showing off every new thing they bought in quarantine. Hats are no exception, and that’s why the 2021 hat trends are all seriously cute.

I didn’t used to be much of a hat gal myself, but after treating myself to a Lack Of Color wide-brim beauty a few months back, I became hooked. As someone with pesky melasma, it’s important to me to shield my face from the sun, and getting to do so with a cute hat makes me even happier. Wide-brim styles are still trendy this year (thank goodness!) but there are a few fun silhouettes to consider adding to my hat collection, too.

Bucket hats have officially crossed over from a street style essential to an everyone essential. Seriously, you need one. No, it won’t look weird! The same goes for berets—and I promise, you won’t look like Emily In Paris if styled correctly. The key to wearing hats is to consider them from the get-go as you put together your look; if you throw one on atop an already heavily-styled outfit, you’ll definitely be doing too much.

I don’t want to spoil all the 2021 hat trends in this intro, so with that, read on for your head’s hottest must-haves below, plus a few good options you might want to order now. It’s never too early to start rocking next year’s trends!

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The Bucket

Ah yes, the bucket hat trend lives on—only now, it’s getting even more playful. If you’ve already got a classic black bucket, play with texture and fabric. Think denim, shearling, even waxy rain jacket-esque coatings. Whatever makes your bucket stand out will put you a-head (I’m sorry) of everyone else.

STYLECASTER | 2021 Hat Trends

Courtesy of Kangol.

Kangol Furgora Hat

Kangol is the move if you want a bucket hat with major street style brand cred. Bonus points for the fuzz!

STYLECASTER | 2021 Hat Trends

Courtesy of Hat Attack.

Hat Attack Frayed Edge Crusher Hat

Pairing any look with a frayed denim bucket is a great way to dress it down (Unless you were trying to go full Britney and Justin and do a head-to-toe denim moment, because that’s fine, too).


The Emily

LOL, only I’m serious. Ever since we all started reading the fashion in Emily In Paris to filth, I’ve noticed tons of influencers displaying how to style a beret ~the right way~. You know, without looking like a cheesy American tourist. When done right, the look is cute AF.

STYLECASTER | 2021 Hat Trends

Courtesy of ZLYC.

ZLYC Wool Beret

Avoid classic black or Parisian red and go for an unexpected shade, like this pastel periwinkle.

STYLECASTER | 2021 Hat Trends

Courtesy of Kangol.

Kangol Modelaine Beret

If you like a little logomania, try this garnet Kangol beret with subtle branding.


The Rodeo

Wide-brim hats aren’t going away, and TBH, they make any outfit look a little cooler. Wear one to Sunday brunch to cover your Saturday night-spun rat’s nest, or throw one on with an all-neutral look for a winery trip, shopping date or IG photo sesh.

STYLECASTER | 2021 Hat Trends

Courtesy of Lisianthus.

Lisianthus Wide Brim Hat

I love the oatmeal wool and gold belt detail on this pick by Lisianthus.

STYLECASTER | 2021 Hat Trends

Courtesy of Lack of Colour.

Lack of Colour Rancher Felt Hat

LOC is seriously the brand that made wide-brim hats cool again, and their classic Rancher comes in multiple colors, although I’m partial to this unique Forest Green.


The Wrap

Not really a hat, but 10/10 the perfect way to mask a shitty hair day and still look chic. Yes, traditional headbands are still trendy, but silky printed hair scarves are one step cooler, and you don’t have to splurge for one that looks designer.

STYLECASTER | 2021 Hat Trends

Courtesy of FORTREE.

FORTREE Satin Square Hair Scarf

If you told me this was a luxury hair scarf, I’d believe you. The reality is, it’s barely over $10.

STYLECASTER | 2021 Hat Trends

Courtesy of AWAYTR.

AWAYTR Head Scarf Headband 3-Pk

Pro Tip: If you’re bad at securing your scarf, these hair scarf headbands fake the look for you.


The Shield

TBH, I’m only half-joking with this one. Some people are opting to wear shields along with their face masks for an extra layer of separation from the people (and germs) around them. Not only is it a safety precaution—it’s also a great way to avoid small talk. Who would converse with someone quite literally shielded from view?

STYLECASTER | 2021 Hat Trends

Courtesy of Gemelli.

Gemelli Black Hat With Face Cover

These super simple baseball caps with clear shields are honestly kind of chic. And safe!

STYLECASTER | 2021 Hat Trends

Courtesy of One Touch Hand Sanitizer.

One Touch Hand Sanitizer Clip-On Face Shield 5-Pk

This one is just a clip-on face shield that you can add to a hat you already love. Easy!


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