These 2020 Decorating Trends Bring Springtime Vibes Inside

Bella Gerard
These 2020 Decorating Trends Bring Springtime Vibes Inside
Photo: HomeEc Interiors, Cait Pappas

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Stuck indoors? Now might be the perfect time to start thinking about revamping your space. Instead of going stir-crazy, why not make the most of this time and check out all the gorgeous 2020 decorating trends you can potentially redesign your rooms with? Whether you’re more of a minimalist or love an all-out aesthetic, there’s a home decor trend for you to ooh and ahh over on this list.

Whether you’re the owner of a big, beautiful house, the renter of a tiny, cramped apartment, or living somewhere in between the two, personalizing your space is essential—even if it’s not your forever home. Your surroundings can greatly affect your vibes, so a tidy, aesthetically-pleasing space can really enhance your mood. While you don’t have to do a full-on HGTV-style flip to enhance your space, little decor changes can make all the difference. I’m serious! Luckily, this year’s list of top home trends has all the decor inspo you could ask for to set your creative gears in motion.

So, what’s in this year? I’m sure you’ve seen the patterned wallpaper trend taking over recently, and spoiler alert, it’s not going away anytime soon. Floral walls and real plants are essentials, especially to bring warm-weather vibes inside. If you’ve got a blank wall you’re looking to fill, crowd it up with antique and vintage-inspired prints, or just lean an oversized mirror against it and call it a day. See what I mean? There are tons of different decor approaches happening right now, so read on for a few of the top trends and don’t blame me if you suddenly can’t resist the urge to redecorate. I say, do it!

1. Floral Walls

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking, especially if they’re pasted onto the walls. Flowery wallpaper is no longer just for your grandma—in fact, it’s one of the year’s most popular trends. Skip the paint job and slap on some wallpaper instead.


2. Indoor Jungle

The trend is simple: if your room looks like a greenhouse, you’re doing it right. If you’ve been blessed with good windows and lots of natural sunlight in your space, skip the faux and go right for the real deal–these are the easiest to keep alive, just FYI.


3. Colorful Cabinets

Gone is the white-washed kitchen aesthetic that so many influencers once strived for! A pop of color on your cabinets can add a refreshingly playful feel, and give your space a little life. You don’t have to go neon pink, though. A calm blue or sage green should do the trick.


4. Leaning Floor Mirrors

The mirror-selfie OOTD has changed the way we decorate our spaces, and I’m honestly here for it. An stylish, oversized mirror leaning oh-so-effortlessly against your wall makes a handheld-selfie suddenly grid-worthy. Opt for a chunky gold frame with vintage vibes or clean, modern lines with a silver finish, depending on your personal brand.


5. Statement Sofas

Couch shopping? Do not, I repeat, do not order the cheapest starter sofa you can find in a basic neutral. Your couch should be an investment piece, so pick one you love and take it with you when you move. In particular, tufted vintage shapes in rich hues and velvety fabrics are having a moment.


6. Four-Post Bed Frames

Ah, a bed fit for a queen. Or king. Or whatever royal title you identify with! Canopy toppers and four-post bed frames add a little luxury to any bedroom space.


7. Bold Bathrooms

Your bathroom is likely the smallest space in your home, so rather than overthink styling it to make it look bigger, lean in and make it a fun oasis, a bit more wild than the rest of your space. Patterned walls and a unique mirror can instantly transform an average sink space into the most memorable area of your home.


8. Vintage Vibes

Skip the overdone gallery wall printable and listen up: antiques, thrifted art, and grandma vibes galore are in. If the aforementioned floral wallpaper trend isn’t a possibility for your space, crowd walls with throwback pieces that double as conversation-starters, and see how much your guests enjoy them at your next dinner party.


9. Wicker Accents

Once reserved solely for outdoor patio furniture, wicker vibes are all the rage in 2020, and the look is especially suited for warm-weather vibes. Pro tip: You can almost always find some wicker gems at your local thrift store.


10. Monochrome Aesthetic

Be it a color or a pattern, an all-something-everything look is a serious statement. Pair lavender walls with purple furniture and lilac throw pillows, or choose a hypnotizing pattern and and use it for lamp shades, curtains, bedding and more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how all-out you choose to go with this trend.