6 Wedding Trends You’ll See Literally Everywhere in 2019

Lindsey Lanquist
6 Wedding Trends You’ll See Literally Everywhere in 2019
Photo: Meatbull/Getty Images.

I’m not getting married anytime soon, but one of my favorite things to do when I’m really, really bored is plan the wedding I’ll one day, maybe, probably have. This usually involves some combination of losing myself in Pinterest rabbit holes, Googling dreamy wedding destinations and perusing lists of 2019 wedding trends. (Yup, 2019 wedding trends, because the new year is just around the corner, folks.)

Thankfully, Pinterest has made this venture easier than ever; the platform just released its annual Pinterest 100 report—a summation of 100 trends that await us in the new year. The report covers everything from fashion and home decor trends, to food and travel trends, to—you guessed it—event and wedding trends.

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A handful of Pinterest’s 2019 event trends don’t really apply to weddings. “Mini moment celebrations,” “number cakes,” “moon gatherings” and “godparent proposals” aren’t really what a bride-to-be (or in my case, pretend bride-to-be) is looking for. Thankfully, Pinterest hit us with six stunning 2019 wedding trends that definitely apply to brides-to-be, grooms-to-be or anyone else (me) who’s interested in the whole wedding thing.

Some of the trends—namely, donut decor—have been in the bridal zeitgeist for a while. A couple—backyard weddings and flower garlands—are classics experiencing a kind of trendy revival. And a few—gold wedding gowns, smoke bomb photography and neon signs—are pretty damn new. The result? A wedding trend landscape that’s rich and varied—and one where any interested party can find a trend that works for them and their upcoming gathering.

Ahead, we give you the low-down on all six of these 2019 wedding trends—and hit you with the same data Pinterest shared with us.

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1. Backyard Weddings

An absolute classic, backyard weddings seem to be gaining new steam in 2019. According to Pinterest, searches for “backyard wedding” are up 441 percent—making it easier than ever to keep things cozy, intimate and totally budget-friendly.

2. Smoke Bomb Photography

Smoke bomb photography isn’t necessarily new, but it’s taking the wedding photography landscape by storm in a way it hasn’t before. According to Pinterest, searches for “smoke bomb photography” are up 436 percent, leaving all of us with tons of dreamy photos to drool over.

3. Neon Wedding Signs

I’d never heard of neon wedding signs before browsing Pinterest’s trend report, but I, uh, love them? They’re surprisingly chic and add a dose of contemporary texture to any decor display. It’s no surprise searches for “neon wedding sign” are up 281 percent.

4. Gold Wedding Gowns

This year, brides moved away from traditional wedding gown conventions—embracing champagne textiles and jumpsuit cuts. In 2019, it seems like they’ll sink even deeper into this willingness to think outside-the-box, as searches for “gold wedding gowns” are up 1,552 percent. (That’s a lot—and we’re totally here for it.)

5. Flower Garlands

Flower garlands are a wedding favorite—one that will probably never go out of style. And they’re experiencing some serious love this year. According to Pinterest, searches for “flower garland” are up 1,154 percent—and we can’t wait to see them everywhere.

6. Donut Decor

Did you really have a trendy wedding if you didn’t put donuts all over the place? I’m obviously kidding, but seriously, donut decor is the Regina George of the wedding industry. And according to Pinterest, searches for “donut decor” are up 748 percent this year.