Neon Wedding Signs Are 2019’s Brightest and Boldest Wedding Trend

Lindsey Lanquist
Neon Wedding Signs Are 2019’s Brightest and Boldest Wedding Trend
Photo: Free Mixer/Getty Images; Pom669/Getty Images.

The phrase “neon wedding sign” might sound like an oxymoron. And the phrase “genuinely chic neon wedding sign” definitely sounds like one. But neon wedding signs are among the 2019 wedding trends that promise to take the bridal zeitgeist by storm next year—and honestly, they’re a lot dreamier than they sound on first mention.

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According to Pinterest’s 2019 trend forecast, searches for “neon wedding signs” are up 291 percent. That’s, uh, a lot—and when I first heard the news, I reacted with absolute shock. I imagined neon signs over-the-top enough to warrant a place on the Las Vegas strip, and then dinky enough to find a home in a ’90s kid’s bedroom. (I’m pretty sure I owned a hot-pink neon shoe sign—or something like it—in my younger days, and I couldn’t help but imagine weddings filled with hot-pink neon shoe signs.)

Either way I cut it, the trend sounded like a disaster. And then, I looked it up. The neon wedding signs that have hit full-on trend status are genuinely cute—and kind of romantic. They’re crafted in cursive lettering, rendered in pastel colors and used to communicate sweet tried-and-true sentiments like “happily ever after,” “to the moon and back” or “it was always you.”

After spending about 10 minutes perusing these signs, I realized I was straight-up smitten with them. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immediately send my boyfriend the following message: “Honey, this is going to sound tacky, but I think I want a neon sign at our wedding.” (He didn’t react with nearly the level of concern I anticipated. He simply thumbs-upped the message and carried on the conversation we’d already been having.)

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Whether you’re a neon-sign-hater who’s convinced there’s no chance this trend could look romantic, a trend-adverse person who prefers the classic to the contemporary, or someone who’s never heard of neon wedding signs before and is just trying to get a sense of this trendy new movement, I invite you to peruse the following array of neon wedding signs and get back to me.  Because as far as 2019 wedding trends go, this is one I’m seriously on board with—despite initially resisting it a lot.

“To the Moon and Back”

A super dreamy quote in a super dreamy setting.

“It Was Always You”

The all-white aesthetic keeps the decor skewing romantic instead of over the top.

Your New Last Name

A low-maintenance way to transform your backyard into an idyllic bridal paradise.

“‘Til Death”

This is one trend that pairs as well with industrial settings as it does with rustic ones.

Your First Names

Surrounded by flowers, this neon sign packs a seriously sweet punch.

“To the Moon and Back” (Round 2)

Proof that neon wedding signs don’t have to be rendered in cursive to work.

“Happily Ever After”

Not quite a wedding, but full of inspiration for one.

“It Was Always You” (Round 2)

A vertical garden plus a neon sign? Is this trend heaven?

“Crazy in Love”

A fun, tongue-in-cheek way to insert a little personality into your ceremony.

“You Had Me at Hello”

Undoubtedly the sweetest way to greet your guests.

“Just Married”

Why paint it on your car when you could put it on the wall—in neon?

“All You Need Is Love”

Particularly dreamy at night.

“Happily Ever After” (Round 2)

An altar that doubles as a photo op.

“The Best Is Yet to Come”

I’m not crying—you’re crying.

“Crazy in Love” (Round 2)

A hyper-romantic setting is only made more idyllic by the addition of a super-sweet neon sign.

“Till Death Do Us Part”

Equal parts cute and in-aesthetic—what a win.

“Dearly Beloved”

Plays well with candles, vines, metal—you name it.