2019’s Top Travel Trends Might Just Inspire Your Next Vacay

Kristen Bousquet
2019’s Top Travel Trends Might Just Inspire Your Next Vacay
Photo: Alla Lavrenchuk/Getty Images.

Thanks to social media, we’re now living in a world where we’re able to live vicariously our favorite influencers—and their Instagram feeds. While food porn and outfit inspiration are in high supply, the thing we’re most apt to turn to these tastemakers for? Vacation advice. Specifically, a glimpse at what 2019 travel trends await us. (Because you know they’re one step ahead of the curve on this stuff.)

While we’re hanging out in our sweatpants stuffing our faces with Pringles, Oreos and our other snack foods of choice, many of the inspiration babes we follow on Instagram are galavanting around the globe, eating exquisite cuisine and taking breathtaking images to share on their feeds. And in doing so, they’re clueing us into underrated vacation ideas—locations that promise to be hotspots, activities that promise to be must-dos and dishes that promise to be true culinary highlights. 

And we’re not the only ones taking notes. There are straight-up trend experts who spend their days paying attention to these tastemakers—and tracking search and social to see which travel trends are actually trickling down to the masses. Because influence is only half of what goes into a trend; widespread acceptance is necessary if a movement has any hope of catching on.

Thankfully, Pinterest just released its Pinterest 100 report—which recaps 100 2019 trends that promise to be truly, truly huge in the new year. Among them, a handful of 2019 travel trends that have just begun to pervade the social media sphere. And trust us, your vacation days will feel even sweeter if you spend them taking advantage of any of these 2019 travel trends.

Less Traveled Islands

It’s time to bid adieu to hotspots like Maui, Santorini and Bali. Though these islands are undeniably beautiful, many are looking to travel to islands that are less popular (and less crowded), like Martinique in the Caribbean, Tasmania in Australia or Mallorca in Spain. According to Pinterest, searches for “less traveled islands” are up 179 percent—so get ready to soak up the sun without fear of crowds or distractions. 

Surprise Destinations

No matter the occasion, heading to an unknown destination is a particularly on-trend way to keep your friends and family on their toes. According to Pinterest, searches for “surprise destination” are up 192 percent. So grab your friends, find a week everyone can take off work and fill them in on a few key details (the price, what to wear and when to meet at the airport). You’ll have them in utter suspense until you scream “surprise!” when the plane lands. (We’re getting excited already!)

Hot Springs

Whether you’re headed to Oregon, Colorado, Idaho or Iceland, you’re sure to find idyllic hot springs to take a dip in. Sure, you could head to any destination and soak up the heat in a hotel hot tub, but the experience of lounging in a natural hot spring is unlike any other. And Pinterest users agree; according to the platform, searches for “hot springs” are up 32 percent. 

Abandoned Castles

Instead of spending hours waiting in line at Versailles or Edinburgh Castle just to sneak a quick peek around, many travelers are heading to lesser-known castles to get their royalty fix. According to Pinterest, searches for “abandoned castles” are up 142 percent. So get ready to get up close and personal with some serious structures—no lines, no crowds and no photo bombs necessary.

Small Town Travel

Whether you’re traveling on a budget or just looking to appreciate some nearby sights, small town travel will offer you the low-key, home-grown (and budget-friendly!) experience you’re looking for. According to Pinterest, searches for “small town travel” are up 276 percent. So head to an obscure part of time, stay at a one-of-a-kind AirBNB (or actual B and B), and get ready to explore.

Bike Tours

If you’re someone who loves to get their daily dose of exercise but doesn’t love the idea of hopping on a treadmill on vacation (we feel you), hopping on a rented bike and going on a bike tour is a great way to get your cardio—and see a new place. According to Pinterest, “bike tours” are up 64 percent. And it’s little wonder—you’ll be so distracted by the cool views that you won’t even realize you’re working out.