The 2018 Trends You’ll Still See Everywhere in 2019

Kristen Bousquet
The 2018 Trends You’ll Still See Everywhere in 2019
Photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz/Getty Images.

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New years mean new beginnings—fresh starts. They’re an informal invitation to bid adieu to all the ex-boyfriends, situations-gone-wrong and hard times that characterized the year before, and to leave them in the past, where they belong. But according to Etsy’s 2019 trend forecast, some elements of 2018 will definitely follow us into 2019; a handful of the 2019 trends that promise to pervade the next 12 months have their roots in 2018.

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Etsy’s 2019 trend forecast predicts a few things. We’ll collectively bid adieu to idealism and embrace reality, instead. We’ll trade our go-to bohemian decor for Southwestern styles that, according to Etsy, “go hand-in-hand with this new, grounded outlook.” And we’ll develop a newfound appreciation for sloths—an underrated (but undeniably cute) creature that’s become increasingly popular over the last decade or so.

These 2019 trends feel new, but a bunch of other trends that made Etsy’s cut feel reminiscent of movements we saw this year.

Vintage clothes—specifically from the ’70s and ’90s—promise to cement their place in the zeitgeist in 2019. Maximalism promises to expand its reign; now that it’s conquered our closets, it wants to fill our homes, too. Burnt orange, a distinctly 2019 take on 2018’s rust trend, promises to be near-omnipresent.

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As much as we’d like to leave 2018 in 2018, these (and a few other) remnants aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And though we love a good clean slate, we don’t hate the opportunity to keep our wardrobes and homes feeling fresh without us having to purchase anything new. Plus, this gives us the chance to get in on a couple movements we didn’t fully appreciate until it was (seemingly) too late.

Ahead, five familiar faces you’re sure to see everywhere in 2019. These 2018-turned-2019 trends are sure to make your transition into the new year a little easier.

Burnt Orange

Living Coral might be Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, but burnt orange is Etsy’s. “This desert-inspired hue is grounding (yet refreshing) and unapologetically natural—exactly what we need in 2019,” Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, says.

Fans of 2018’s rust trend will recognize the color: Burnt orange is basically a slightly yellower version of rust, meaning thoughtful stylists can keep their favorite rust duds going well into the new year.

’70s Style

The ’70s have made a comeback—both in our closets and our homes. The era’s playful textures, indoor plants (that we can’t seem to keep alive) and funky wallpapers offer homeowners the chance to capture their personalities through interior design. And classic styles like bell-bottoms and fringe details are infusing closets with just as much spirit.

Earthy tones like neutrals, rusty oranges and mustard yellows promise to keep the ’70s alive through some seriously beautiful home decor and style inspo.


Terrazzo took 2018 by storm, and it promises to do the same in 2019. This year, decorators traded their go-to (distinctly 2017) marbles for fresher, speckled prints; and according to Etsy, things should be no different come the new year.

From tiled floors and papered walls to statement rugs and flecked side tables, the material is definitely leaving a mark on the home decor sphere. Normally, it’s made up from chips of marble, quarts and glass bound together to create a colorful (and one-of-a-kind) masterpiece—though budget-friendly painted options will work just as well.

’90s Style

It’s official—’90s style will never not be cool. Etsy predicts that ’90s style will stick with us well into the new year, which is great news for anyone who’s stocked up on high-waisted jeans, vintage tees and clunky sneakers.

Maximalist Home Decor

Maximalist home decor is the latest iteration of the maximalism movement, offering die-hard print-, color-and pattern-fiends new ways to express themselves aesthetically. Etsy promises that maximalism will get so big in 2019 that it’ll trickle out of our closets and into our living rooms. And as fans of all things extra, we’re definitely not mad about this one.