New Year, New Agenda: 15 Stylish Planners To Organize Your 2014

New Year, New Agenda: 15 Stylish Planners To Organize Your 2014
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We’re perfectly aware that when it comes to keeping track of our days, well, there’s an app for that. But we’re also aware that plenty of people prefer to keep their affairs in order the pre-iPhone way: With a good old fashioned planner-and-pen combo.

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Whether you’re looking to organize your work schedule (meetings, assignments), jot down your (many, obviously) social commitments the year is sure to hold, or even just write down a year’s worth of outfits, you’ll want to snag one of these 15 stylish planners to organize your 2014.

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New year, new agenda! Click through the gallery to start shopping 15 stylish planners for 2014.

Kate Spade Striped Agenda

Kikki K. 2014 Daily Diary, $34.95; at Kikki K

Poketo Monthly Planners, $8; at Poketo

2014 Monthly Agenda, $26; at Poketo

Kate Spade 2014 Roses Agenda, $36; at Bloomingdale's

2014 'Mi Goals' Weekly Diary, $27; at Notemaker

Sugar Paper Los Angeles x Target Classic Kraft 2014 Planner, $16.99; at Sugar Paper

Tory Burch 2014 Kerrington Agenda, $125; at Tory Burch

2014 Cavallini Aqua Daily Leather Planner, $32.95; at Paper Source

Smythson Lambskin 2014 Day-Per-Page Diary, $235; at Smythson 

Julia Kostreva 2014 Planner in Minimal Cream and Gray, $24; at Julia Kostreva

Kate Spade Dot Agenda, $36; at Kate Spade

Cavallini 2014 Vintage Cats Weekly Planner, $12.50; at Vickerey

Whitney English Day Designer Planner, $60; at Etsy

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