2010 Year In Fashion: The Heartbreaks And Breakups

2010 Year In Fashion: The Heartbreaks And Breakups
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When looking back on the past year (or any year for that matter), it can be bittersweet to reflect on how many things have changed, for better or for worse. The same goes for the fashion world, where relationships, business ventures and “it” statuses transition as quickly as passing trends. There was, of course, one unbelievable tragedy that fell upon the fashion world in 2010 the untimely death of the brilliant Alexander McQueen in February. Nothing else can compare to the loss that we felt when we heard the news the fashion industry as a whole changed forever the day he died.

This year brought about plenty of other ups and downs albeit petty ones compared to McQueen’s death but, alas, as Robert Frost once wrote, nothing gold can stay. Here are some of the heartbreaks and breakups that we’ll never forget from 2010.

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The City, 2008-2010
I had high hopes for this spin-off of a spin-off – though nothing can quite compare to the television magic that was Laguna Beach. Whitney Port is nice enough, but lacking plot lines, petty cat fights and obvious staging in the offices of Elle and People's Revolution weren't quite juicy enough to engage viewers. It was nice while it lasted, girls.

Brad Goreski and Rachel Zoe, 2008-2010
Did this break anyone else's heart as much as it did mine? Following Fashion Week in September, Brad dropped the bomb that he'd be leaving Rachel Zoe Inc. to venture out on his own. Original reports suggested that the split was amicable, but later there was speculation the two had a falling out, or that Rachel was jealous of Brad's New York Times profile. Considering how sweet the relationship was between these two – they'd literally DIE for each other – I'm hoping that it was just Brad's time to leave the nest. And, if Rachel's baby is a boy, he's going to need a great stylist and sartorial mentor!

Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs, 2008-2010
I really thought Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo would last forever. Not only are they both smart, successful and unbelievably gorgeous, they seemed to be truly in love. It's unclear when exactly the couple broke up this year – sometime in late spring or summer, according to reports – but the fact that they were engaged to be married (if not married already) makes this split even sadder.

The Tents at Bryant Park, 1993-2010
This year, the fashion flocks were forced to make the big move from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center for many of the Spring 2011 runway shows. Though this change marks the end of an era, we must admit the new location is pretty sick – the amenities and comforts provided by the Upper West Side venue make for a very swanky home away from home for a week.

Kelly Cutrone and Andrew Mukamal, 2009-2010
Not only do we have to mourn the loss of Kell On Earth this year, we must shed a tear for the breakup of Kelly Cutrone and her ex-assistant Andrew Mukamal. The People's Revolution "mama wolf" and her Rick Owens-clad protégé seemed like a match made in heaven – if heaven was all black. Andrew quietly left the company this summer, and leave it to the tabloids to turn out conspiracy theories and catty rumors about his departure. According to reports, Andrew cared more about fame than his duties at The Rev, but – lucky for Andrew – Kelly quickly dismissed those claims. I don't know about you, but Ms. Cutrone is the LAST person I would ever want to cross.

Filthy Couture by Jenni Farley, June 2010 - October 2010
Poor thing probably saw this one coming. Mere months after launching her clothing line in June, Jwoww was forced to shutter the operation. The "designer" claims that she was threatened with lawsuits due to a trademark issue, but we have a hunch that it might have been difficult for her to sell $500 dresses that were completely inappropriate outside of a strip club or the borders of Seaside Heights.

Erin Wasson x RVCA, 2009 - 2010
This girl has such a great signature style that it was only a matter of time before she started designing her own line of clothing. Her shows during Fashion Week were among the most exciting – she had a live performance by Gang Gang Dance on her runway for Spring '10 – but her goods might have been a little too hippie-meets-hobo for the average customer. There is ONE good thing to come out of this though – she now has more time to devote to her dope line of jewelry, Low Luv.

The Great Editorial Shuffle of 2010
This was the year of the magazine mix-up. Dasha Zhukova left Pop. Kim France left Lucky. Stefano Tonchi left T for W, and Sally Singer left Vogue for T.  Of course not all of this is bad, but change can be scary. We wish all the editors luck in the new year and can't wait to see what fresh ideas they bring!

Julie Gilhart for Barneys, 1992-2010
Barneys' fashion director left the company a few weeks ago, resulting in a collective gasp from fashion industry insiders. Gilheart is a fearless free-spirit (and supporter of eco-consciousness) and served as the store's true sartorial voice – guiding the buys and taking chances on small, emerging designers. We know that Julie has a very promising career ahead of her, but we worry that Barney's won't remember everything she stood for and all the good she's done for the fashion community. Let's just pray that Simon Doonan isn't going anywhere.

Heidi Klum for Victoria's Secret, 1997 - 2010
Say it ain't so! The original Victoria's Secret Angel decided to hang up her wings for good this year to concentrate on a number of personal projects. At 37, Heidi can still hold her own alongside the masses of teenage models  – she even walked the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show a mere five weeks after giving birth! Despite the new crop of equally stunning Angels, Heidi's perfect smile – and body – will be sorely missed.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermés, 2003 - 2010
After his Spring 2011 show this past October in Paris, JPG stepped down as the creative director of the legendary fashion house. His departure was due to the fact that he wanted to devote his time to his own eponymous label, but he hasn't left the Hermés family for good – Hermés owns a 45 percent stake in Gaultier's company. He is succeeded by Christophe Lemaire, formerly of Lacoste.

Olivier Zahm and Natacha Ramsay... maybe. 
On July 30, 2010, the Purple Fashion Magazine editor who publishes his nightly liaisons on his blog, announced that he'd been dumped by his Parisian girlfriend, Natacha Ramsay. It was impossible not to sympathize with his honest, heartbreaking confession, no matter how much of a male chauvinist pig you might have thought he was. He wrote, "Natacha’s decision to leave me so brutally and painfully will certainly be seen by conservative people as a clear feminine revenge against the lifestyle Natacha and I used to share, and think that I’m a dreamer. Right now I’m just a mess." As of now, it seems that the pair may have reconciled. I guess we will have to keep our eyes on Purple Diary in 2011 to see how things unfold.

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