2010 Golden Globe Awards and Red Carpet: Live Blog


Don’t have a TV at home to catch the 2010 Golden Globe Awards tonight? That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the action. Stay tuned right here on StyleCaster’s live blog and you won’t miss a second, from all of the red carpet hits and misses to who’s heading home with some metal in their bag.

6:03 PM: The rain doesn’t stop all the celebs from looking gorgeous on the Red Carpet tonight. Jennifer Morrison from House arrives wearing a mustard-yellow gown by a Puerto Rican designer. She looks stunning but a personal stylist didn’t put her look together…her boyfriend bought the dress for her! He has great taste.

6:17 PM: Lisa Edelstein from House is accessorizing her gown with a Judith Leiber clutch complete with a “Remember Haiti” ribbon. Glad to know that some of the celebs are taking the time to remember the victims amidst all the glitz tonight.

6:22 PM: Ricky Gervais, the host of the evening, arrives with his wife. He didn’t look too nervous before going live on the big award show later tonight.

6:27 PM: Mickey Rourke arrives with some young eye candy on his arm… his mail order bride makes him look about twenty years younger. He’s wearing a black suit with red velvet trim…not a great choice in my opinion.

6:34 PM: Maggie Gyllenhaal looking gorgeous in a pink floor length gown.

6:37 PM: Emily Blunt has no complaints about the rain tonight, she’s from London! A downpour is just a drizzle according to the actress. She’s wearing a pink strapless couture gown.

6:42 PM: Adrian Grenier is looking good. He is dishing about the upcoming season of Entourage and it sounds like we have a lot to look forward to!

6:47 PM: Sandra Bullock wearing a purple strapless gown tonight. She admits to Seacrest that she was unsure about her role on The Blindside…who knew? We think she performed amazingly well in the role! She also donated $1 million to Haiti this morning.

6:49 PM: Gasp…Chace Crawford is looking so good in Dolce and Gabbana and rocking an old school pocket square. To all the single ladies out there, we are kept in suspense…he wouldn’t tell whether or not he’s dating anyone right now. We can only hope…

6:51 PM: Fergie and Josh Duhamel arrive. Fergie dishes about her weight gain for her role in Nine. Looks like she quickly dropped the extra lbs…she looks great! They look so happy together.

6:53 PM: George Clooney talks about the MTV telethon that he’s hosting for relief in Haiti.

7:00 PM: Marian Cotillard talks of her childhood dreams to be in the musical Nine. She looks gorgeous in a Christian Dior gown.

7:01 PM: Funny man Steve Carell from The Office arrives joking with Seacrest, who doesn’t seem to be cracking a smile.

7:04 PM: Julianna Marguiles is looking gorgeous in a Narciso Rodriguez gown. She didn’t go heavy on the jewels and accessories but less is more in her book!

7:08 PM: Tina Fey is concerned that the rain will wash away all of her makeup. Even though the weather is not so great tonight, we think her look will hold up.

7:09 PM: Heather Graham in Elie Saab. The secret to her rockin’ body? Pilates.

7:10 PM: Penelope Cruz is no diva…she holds her own umbrella on the Red Carpet!

7:14 PM: Finally a full-length view of Penelope’s gown. Looking stunning!

7:17 PM: Kristen Bell wearing a shorter dress. A mix-up from the more traditional gown but this way she can dodge all the umbrellas on the Red Carpet.

7:19 PM: Mariah Carey wearing a black short-sleeve gown with a plunging neckline. Are we obsessed? Not so much…making plugs for her own champagne on live TV is not too subtle.

7:25 PM: Calista Flockhart had the nerve to show up on the Red Carpet wearing a trench! What are ya hiding under there, Calista? We know it’s raining, but don’t let Mother Nature cramp your style.

7:28 PM: Jennifer Garner looks stunning! She is wearing a purple, sleeveless beaded gown by Versace. Even her hair is holding up in the rain, but she attributes that to her hairdresser’s use of an “aqua net??”

7:30 PM: Taylor Lautner recently spotted at the Olive Garden with a “friend?” He dishes to Juliana about whathe looks for in a girl…it’s simple: “Someone who can just be themselves.” To all you Team Jacob fans out there: do you fit his dream girl description?

7:33 PM: Kate Hudson looks effortlessly GORGEOUS!

7:37 PM: Heidi Klum looking lovely in a blush-lilac colored Roberto Cavalli gown arriving with hubby Seal. She is complaining about walking the Red Carpet in heels. Who would have guessed? You’d think that she would have gotten the hang of it walking the Victoria’s Secret runway.

7:42 PM: So far, purple seems to be the color of the night for the ladies.

7:45 PM: Anna Kendrick looks stunning in a one-shoulder beaded gown by Marchesa.

7:51 PM: Kristina Hendricks is wearing a gown designed by Project Runway’s Christian Siriano! In the words of Tim Gunn, she’s making it work.

7:58 PM: Courtney Cox wearing a black gown with a jeweled accent piece at the waist.

8:20 PM: Sir Paul McCartney walks out on stage to present an award. It’s always great to see the legendary Brit.

8:34 PM: Michael C. Hall takes home his first Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Series Drama! So happy to see him accept this award after such a struggle with cancer.

8:44 PM: What is Cher wearing??

9:00 PM: And the award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical goes to…Meryl Streep for Julie and Julia. She modestly forgot the lines to her acceptance speech for a second…whoops!

9:15 PM: Drew Barrymore wins her first Golden Globe. She looks adorable! She is so surprised and sounds pretty nervous up there…okay Drew is rambling up there…and she just saluted the audience? But we’ll forgive her and blame it on the nerves.

9:23 PM: Jennifer Aniston just walked out on stage to present the award for Best Screenplay Motion Picture and she is sporting a one-shoulder gown that shows off a more than a bit of leg…how’s that for someone who just turned 40?

9:40 PM: Cameron Diaz is looking quite petite but her glamorous red gown is stunning.

9:58 PM: There’s a handsome duo on stage right now…Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro are presenting together to honor Martin Scorsese. Getting a great recap of his famous films over the years.

10:07 PM: Scorsese’s acceptance speech is getting a little long but they’re not cueing the music to kick him off stage…he’s just that big of a deal.

10:21 PM: Glee wins for Best Comedic or Musical TV Series! Love the show, they all deserve it.

10:28 PM: Reese Witherspoon looks beautiful in a blue one-strap gown. She just stepped out on stage to present the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture for a Comedy or Musical. And the award goes to…The Hangover!

10:34 PM: Arnold Schwarzenegger just made his way onto the stage…his accent never ceases to entertain!

10:37 PM: Sandra Bullock just took home a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama! Her role was amazing in The Blindside, itwas a real tear jerker! As the cameras scan the room, many are in tears…including Jen Aniston.

10:48 PM: Wow,Jeff Bridges is really looking like Kurt Russell’s twin right now…he’s accepting a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama.

10:51 PM: Julia Roberts is up next to announce who will take home the next Golden Globe… who will it be??

10:55 PM: Julia just called Paul McCartney out on stage… she sat next to himduring the awards and apparently his phone was blowing up the whole time with texts… do you think she caught a glimpse at any of his messages?

11:00 PM: That’s it for the Golden Globes…congrats to all the winners!

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