2000s Style: 10 Girls Who Define The Decade In Fashion

Kerry Pieri
2000s Style: 10 Girls Who Define The Decade In Fashion
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We can list the girls who matter from the 60s (Jane Birkin), 70s (Farrah, Bianca), 80s (Debbie Harry, Joan Jett), and 90s (Courtney Love, Carolyn Bessette) with the same amount of thought that goes into getting a mani pedi, but is it possible to know the girls who will define the decade while we’re still sort of in it?

The 2000s might be considered the era of high-low fashion. It’s been all about vintage, diffusion lines, celebrity influence and of course, the fashion blogger. We’re listing the ten girls who we think will still be icons in 20 years consider it a bit of a time capsule. If all else fails and their fame is fleeting, just about every one of them still has their own fashion line for now.

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So many think of Kate as part of grunge and the 90s, but her true fashion moments are felt most fiercely in the naughts. Grey skinny jeans, Hunter boots, festival style, a Topshop line – it's all so a part of fashion now, we forget that much of it was first worn by the former waif.

Another girl who spawned a collection from her signature style, Chloë Sevigny has a seriously individual take on style. That booties/dress look happening here in '02 seems so normal now, but that's the way trends work, non?

Every girl fell in love with Sienna in Alfie, and she and Jude were just about the hottest things to ever happen, but her bohemian for the new millenium look blew minds and changed the way girls dressed for a moment. Fashion line? Check.

Nicole Richie is definitely a girl who can dress, but her influence is part of a much bigger picture – The Rachel Zoe moment. Think enormous sunglasses, mini, skinny girls, 70s, caftans, vintage jewelry and other girls like Mischa and Lindsey who defined Zoe-bot. People hated, but I still think they looked hot. She also now has clothing and jewelry lines, obv.

In 2005 with a fur Marni coat, hippy headband, oversized clutch, high heels and insouciant disposition, MK Olsen secured a spot as a fashion legend of the 2000s. Now with two fashion lines and about 800 websites dedicated to her style, she's less a girl and more a movement.

SJP could be argued as belonging to other decades, but the 2000s took celebrity style to a whole new, insanely obsessive place, and she's too big a part of that to be ignored. With her penchant for girly Oscar de la Renta and Manolos, Sarah fills a particular red carpet place for the fashion obsessed. She's also now running Halston in a way, so there's that.

I just dedicated an entire story to Lady Gaga's year in style. Everyone loves Gaga or loves to hate Gaga but the point is that everyone is still talking about her. She adores high fashion and let everyone know risks are not only good, they may just make you famous.

RiRi was just another bubble gum hip-hop/pop chick until she chopped off her hair and didn't let a moment go by without a little edgy. We love her for her studded shoulders, red leather and unabashed adoration of Balmain.

Alexa, Alexa, Alexa. The girl defines the vintage meets feminine meets high fashion obsession of the moment. She's not an actress, she's only sometimes a designer, sometimes a DJ and always ready to be photographed – and we love her for it.

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast could be considered the monarch of the Fashion Bloggerdom. She has a legion of fans that rivals that of Oscar winners, and she represents what defines this decade – personal style, and being obsessed with everyone else's.

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