20 Gorgeous Rooms That Inspired Us This Year

Beth Stebner
20 Gorgeous Rooms That Inspired Us This Year
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I’ll be the first to admit I’m not above ogling, whether it’s over a killer pair of heels, a gorgeous piece of luggage, or some truly kickass tile work.

And this year, I’ve done my fair share of making a fuss over that one perfect bedroom, kitchen, or living room that is designed just so—in a way that’s not only beautiful to look at, but fits your day-to-day living needs. This is as much an ode to the raw spaces that I’ll probably never have (oh, hey, vaulted ceiling) as it is for the interior designers and bloggers who just know when to fill a space with a gallery wall or leave it stark.

And though my style veers towards vintage and opulent with a tinge of Scandinavian minimalism (I’m still trying to figure that one out), I love looking at other styles, from Boho to midcentury, to find clever new ways to decorate. Because after all, your personal home style is as much an extension of your personality as it is the things that inspire it.

And now without further ado, 20 of the prettiest rooms we’ve seen this year.


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Inspiration to play with not only size, but texture and patterns.

Photo: Song of Style

Pastels and pink look less girly when grounded with an excellent plush rug in a faded cobalt.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Proof that you don’t need to overthink your bedroom.

Photo: Stellan Herner

If and when we ever have room for a free-standing tub, this will be that tub.

Photo: Mimi Giboin

A dark blue statement wall is offset by the teal sofa and artfully-placed wall clock.

Photo: Hus o Hem

The best kinds of dining rooms are the one that feel welcoming and unfussy.

Photo: Behance/Daniel Reuterswärd

Not technically a "room," but our closet goals x 1000.

Photo: Avenue Lifestyle

A living room that feels warm and welcoming.

Photo: Nordic Design

Ultimate #shelfie goals.

Photo: Cote Maison

White, bright kitchens with plenty of marble will always steal our hearts.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Oversized art is something to embrace, not fear.

Photo: Sean Gin for Homepolish

Who says that decorating in all Pantone, all the time has to be boring?

Photo: Townsend London

Proof that modern shelving can be just as much of a focal point as the objects on it.

Photo: Remodelista

The kind of room where you can spend hours nesting and reading old copies of Vogue.

Photo: Joanna Henderson

Gray couch, graphic pillows, can't lose.

Photo: The Décor Fix

This room perfectly plays with height (the mirror) and depth (the "can nap on it all afternoon" leather sofa).

Photo: Ensemble Architecture

One of the  subtlest ways we've seen to incorporate some Vadar action into your work "force."

Photo: Behance

A packed bookshelf doesn't always have to be total chaos.

Photo: Ensemble Architecture

A clever use of color and a vintage desk = home office lust.

Photo: BJones Style

The perfect edit of clean lines and color.

Photo: Entrance Makleri

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