7 Icons of 1970s Style and How to Get Their Look

Leah Bourne

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Looking for a trend to master this spring? Look no further than the 1970s. While designer brands ranging from Gucci to Etro channeled the decade on their runways for spring, why not go back to the source for outfit inspiration from one of the grooviest decades to date, and take inspiration from the style icons that made 1970s fashion so iconic to begin with.

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What is so great about the decade is the range of personal style–from the stars who made bohemian a trend, to the style setters with more of a polished style, to the trendsetters who began to usher in punk era ahead of their time.

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Here, 7 of the classic 1970s fashion icons and how to get their look.

Studio 54

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1. Bianca Jagger

Nicaraguan socialite Bianca Jagger became a fashion tour de force in the 1970s the second she rode into Studio 54 on horseback in an off-the-shoulder gown. Jagger became known throughout the decade for her love of white, wide lapel suits, and high-waisted pants, but it was her glamorous style touches like a fur thrown over her shoulder or a great metallic shoe here and there that turned her into a style icon for the ages.

Get Her Look: A white suit for day, and a jumpsuit or a sequin maxi gown for evening. Think 1970s glamour through and through when channeling Jagger.

Ali MacGraw and Robert Evans Sighting at "21" Club - June 5, 1970

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2. Ali MacGraw

The perfect mix of New England prep and bohemian goddess, Ali McGraw not only ruled the 1970s thanks to a little movie called “Love Story” she also ruled the decade thanks to her spot on personal style. MagGraw wowed during the decade in everything from short Ossie Clarke dresses to glamorous gowns paired with cool fashion finds like feathered capes (one of which she wore to the premiere of “The Godfather”).

Get Her Look: MacGraw’s style ran the gamut, but we particularly love the idea of imitating her best bohemian looks, like this outfit consisting of a handkerchief dress and gladiator sandals.

Jackie Onassis Sighting File Photos - Circa 1974

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3. Jacqueline Kennedy

The former First Lady may be best known for her style during her time in the White House in the 1960s consisting of A-line silhouettes, Chanel suits, and pillbox hats, but we have always been particularly smitten with her more relaxed style during the 1970s. Favoring labels like Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga, Kennedy always exhibited a classic coolness thanks to a signature look during the decade consisting of basics paired with a chic headscarf and oversized glasses.

Get Her Look: You can’t go wrong this spring in a pair of white pants, oversized black sunglasses, and a headscarf tied in the style that Kennedy loved.

Actress Jacqueline Bisset Posing For A Portrait

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4. Jacqueline Bisset

British actress Jacqueline Bisset may have been best known for her sex appeal during the 1970s, but her style at the time was much more comfy-cool tomboy than sex-kitten. Bisset’s signature look during the 1970s consisted of denim, menswear inspired basics, and simple accessories, and looks just as timeless and effortless today as it did then.

Get Her Look: Make sure to add a Safari-inspired jacket to your wardrobe this spring, and pair it will simple basics and minimal accessories (like a simple watch).

Deborah Harry

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5. Debbie Harry

The godmother of the New York punk scene, Debbie Harry, Blondie’s leading lady, set the stage for the 1980s punk revolution in the 1970s with her iconic white-blonde hair, mini-dresses, and over-the-knee latex boots. Sexy, with just the right amount of daring (animal prints were a Harry signature at the time), Harry’s style was all about being an individual.

Get Her Look: A mini dress, over-the-knee boots, and Harry’s signature blue eye-shadow will do the trick.

Party At Paradis Latin Cabaret In 1977

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6. Grace Jones

Nothing is quiet about iconic model turned singer Grace Jones, particularly when it comes to her personal style. A fan of over-the-top headwear, sharp tailoring, and one-pieces, everything about Jones’ 1970s style was attention grabbing and modern (even holding up today).

Get Her Look: Jones’ look is not for the fashion shy. The easiest way to imitate her is with a sharp tailored pantsuit, worn without a blouse.

Party In Paris - 1976

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 7. Jerry Hall

One of the first supermodels, not to mention the main squeeze of people like Brian Ferry and Mick Jagger over the years, Hall was at her best channeling Studio 54 glamour during the 1970s. Not many people can pull off a lace onesie, but Hall did it with panache.

Get Her Look: Steal Hall’s signature 1970s style wearing a plunging neckline with a glossy red lip and chunky gold hoop earrings.