15 Ways to Sport Jogging Pants Like a Fashion Pro

Kristen Bousquet
15 Ways to Sport Jogging Pants Like a Fashion Pro
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After countless family dinners, celebrations and other get-togethers we faced during the last few months, wearing a pair of tight skinny jeans might not always be our first choice. Luckily, jogging pants—sleeker versions of sweatpants, essentially—have been making waves with the style set.

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Apart from being way comfy, you can pair these bad boys with just about any top from sweaters to T-shirts and leather jackets. And—thanks to their elasticized cuffs—joggers will even work with shoes that aren’t sneakers like ankle boots, pointy loafers, and strappy sandals.

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To see some of the most stylish ways to rock these comfortable bottoms, click through the slideshow above!