Fashion Frustration? 15 Celebrity Style Inspirations For Everyday


As much as we love shopping for our closet–and make a habit out of testing just about every outfit pairing we can devise on a given day–sometimes our creativity goes kaput. We’ve exhausted just about every angle on that dress and might actually scream if we wear that pair of jeans again.

Look, sometimes we just need a little kick in our pants to get our juices flowing, what can we say? We’re saving up for our summer vay-cay and our wallets might totally implode if we try to swipe our credit card one more time. So clearly, we decided to look to some of our favorite celebs who don’t necessarily have the same qualms that we do and have to look camera-ready at a moment’s notice, even at the least convenient times.

That’s why we decided to share some major spring and summer style inspiration from some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies. Click through the slideshow to check out just whose outfits we’re currently trying to replicate!