15 Signs He’s Cheating on You

signs he's cheating

Lots of studies have been done on the subject of infidelity, and it’s been found that today, anywhere between 25% and 72% of men seek a little something-something outside their relationships. Of course, the obvious question is why get in a relationship in the first place if variety is what you’re after, but that’s a complicated can of worms to open.

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The fact remains that people—both married and unmarried—fall into infidelity for a long list of reasons, none of which we’re tackling right now. However, we are here to lay out the signs that your guy might be cheating because, studies have also shown that around 70% of women have no idea they’re being cheated on.

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In the interest of wising up and taking action, here are 15 signs he might be cheating on you—and not one of them includes lipstick on his collar.

He goes off the grid—often.

While you don’t need to keep tabs on your guy 24/7, if he always seems to go MIA there’s probably something off. Does he promise he’ll call you right back and you don’t hear from him for two days? Is his phone battery always dead? Does it take him 12 hours to text you back or answer an email? Does he go away with his buddies for the weekend without texting or calling once? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to start getting suspicious.

He takes his phone every single time he leaves a room. 

For better or worse, we’re all attached to our phones, but if you notice your guy takes his with him every single time he leaves the room—even if it’s just to go into the kitchen to get a glass of water, or into the bathroom, there’s a good chance your suspicions could be legit.

Most of Facebook friends are hot girls.

What’s that? They’re all his extended cousins? Snap out of it.

He suddenly has to ‘work late’ every night. 

There’s nothing wrong with burning the midnight oil from time to time, but if you notice your man’s suddenly become a bonafide cliché—saying he has work late all the time on projects he can’t be bothered to explain, or decides to “just crash at the office because it’s so late,” you might want to start doing some investigating.

He’s weirdly nice to you.

This one is tricky, because we’re not saying that surprise sweet gestures necessarily translate to cheater. However, if one or more points on this list ring true and your guy suddenly starts bringing you flowers for no reason or buying you expensive gifts out of the blue, he could be feeling guilty about something.

He always puts his phone on airplane mode.

Shady! Doing this means you can’t see incoming text messages on his phone.

He doesn’t want to go out with you, but wants to ‘hang out’ late-night. 

If you’re okay with having a relationship with a guy who only wants to see you when he’s drunk at 3 a.m., who are we to judge? For all we know, you might have some guys on the side you late-night call, too. But, you should know that when a guy doesn’t ever want to grab drinks with you, he’s probably looking for someone else to take home. If he doesn’t find it, then he calls you to hook up.

He can’t keep plans.

Be alarmed if he starts canceling dinner plans, texting that something came up, and he can’t make your friend’s party, or he asks if it’s cool if he just crashes at home—but won’t answer his phone.

He’s now a neat freak.

If he never seemed to be particularly obsessive about the state f his apartment or car, and now he’s taking great pains to clean them, well, he could be getting rid of evidence. If you really want to find out if he’s cheating on you, drop by unannounced when he’s in the middle of “cleaning” his place, and see what’s going down.

His sexual tastes are different. 

This one has long been a telltale sign of infidelity, especially if your guy initiates sex more or suddenly wants to do it in new, unfamiliar ways without discussing it first.

According to yourTango, All the men interviewed for a story about cheating expressed having the feeling of a huge rush of testosterone — which would manifest as a new confidence during sex. They felt strong, masculine, the embodiment of virility and like every woman wanted them. Aka, their egos were growing daily.

He’s suddenly snappy and defensive. 

Sometimes guilt manifests itself as irritability and paranoia, so if you make casual comments to your guy like “Oh, I texted you earlier” and he lashes out that you’re overbearing, annoying, or neurotic, you may want to look for other red flags.

He makes you feel bad about yourself. 

If he suddenly finds ways to pick on you by criticizing things like your body, your job, your apartment; or perpetually nitpicking about your personality quirks, your clothes, or your beliefs, there could be another woman in the picture.

Your friends see him on Tinder.

Sure, he could make the excuse that he never deleted his profile, but let’s get real: He’s trolling for dates.

You catch him in lies—even tiny ones.

Juggling women is hard work, and even the sharpest guy is bound to get confused. He says he was at a bar with his friends, then turns around and says he was at a restaurant on the other side of town? Unless he’s suddenly become the first human on earth to figure out how to be in two places at once, that’s simply not possible.