The 15 Biggest Celebrity Meltdowns of 2009


Despite their exorbitant salaries, luxurious homes, and excessive tropical vacations, being a celebrity is never as easy as it looks. With the constant pressure to be perfect, the scrutinous eyes of the paparazzi, and incessant media criticisms, it comes as no surprise that celebrities have their weak moments. While we all have those times when we want to cry our eyes out, it is usually remedied by a mental health day filled with comfort food, a couch, and tender care from our loved ones. For a celebrity, it’s not that easy. Case in point: the following 15 biggest celebrity meltdowns of 2009.

1. Dennis Rodman (above)

These days, there is no more likely place for a meltdown than on reality TV. On the second season of The Celebrity Apprentice, Dennis Rodman was captured having an epic meltdown. Moments after having been assigned his latest task by The Donald, Rodman began cursing out country music star Clint Black, all while remaining inches away from his face in an unprovoked, near physical attack. Then, without warning, the former NBA star retreated from the scene, and quit.

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2. Mackenzie Phillips
Once best known for her roles in American Graffiti and the TV sitcom, One Day at a Time, Phillips will now be remembered for her tell-all tale of an incestuous affair with her father, John Phillips. John was founder of the band Mamas and Papas and was responsible for giving his daughter her first dose of cocaine. Mackenzie opened up to (who else) but talk show queen Oprah about her dark family secrets which she also detailed in her recent memoir, High On Arrival.

3. Mischa Barton
With an acting career that is tumbling down fast, it comes as no surprise that 2009 brought about a Mischa Barton meltdown. In July of this year, the LAPD responded to a non- 911 call from the starlet’s home, where a squad car assisted her with a “medical issue.” Later, Barton was brought to Cedars-Sinai Medical Hospital and was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold. Not to mention, Barton’s supposed “big comeback” as the lead in the new TV series The Beautiful Life turned out to be not so beautiful after all. The show was canceled practically before it even started. Hopefully 2010 will bring bigger and better comebacks for you, Mischa.

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4. Mary J. Blige
During Blige’s record release party at club M2 on December 22, the songstress punched her husband Kendu Isaacs in the face. Apparently, Isaacs was flirting with one of the cocktail waitresses–typical. What happened to “No More Drama,” Mary?

5. Lily Allen
During a concert in Helsinki, Lily Allen broke down crying on stage in front of thousands of fans. While the cause of these tears remains a mystery, Allen announced to her fans that she was fairly emotional that night and if she cried, it wasn’t because of the fans. According to her Twitter, Allen had severely injured her back the night before. While the physical pain accounts for some of the meltdown, it does not entirely explain her extremely ’emotional’ state.

6. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
During their latest publicity stunt on NBC’s I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Speidi hit rock bottom. After being taunted by fellow castmates and allegedly having their personal property stolen, Spencer retaliated by screaming at the rest of the cast, while Heidi broke down in front of the cameras. She vented about the horrible people she had met, along with the serious bug bites she had gotten as result of the show. According to Heidi, the show was “not that nice.” Well said, Heidi.

7. Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen’s Christmas was less than enjoyable, to put it lightly. After getting into a heated argument with wife Brooke Mueller, Sheen threatened her with a knife. The police responded to the domestic violence and Charlie was arrested later that evening. The couple is now seeking counseling to salvage their marriage.

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8. Carrie Prejean
After this Miss California winner made her stance against gay marriage and attempted to establish herself as a good Christian, Carrie Prejean’s sex life came back to haunt her. Both nude photos and a sex tape featuring the blonde bombshell were uncovered, and she was soon thereafter stripped of her beauty pageant title. Despite the explicit material, Prejean claimed that she lost her crown because of religious discrimination. Then, while being interviewed on Larry King Live, Prejean walked off the show–but not before calling Larry King “inappropriate.”

9. Lindsay Lohan
This year, it was all fail for Lohan. In a sad string of events, the struggling starlet was dropped from her record label, received harsh criticism for her collection for Emanuel Ungaro, and failed to rack up any successful films in the past year. During the summer of 2009, Lohan was caught having an all-out meltdown on then girlfriend, Samantha Ronson’s steps. Apparently, she had been waiting for Ronson for hours. Sad and tragic–it is no wonder the couple has called it quits.

10. David Letterman
After having affairs with both co-workers and interns alike, Letterman was finally confronted by the boyfriend of one of the girls. Letterman was asked to pay up, but luckily for the talk show host, the blackmailer was apprehended, leaving Letterman to perform an embarrassing on-air explanation in peace.

11. Tiger Woods
The infamous Tiger Woods scandal, involving a menagerie of women, a heartbroken wife, and a fallen sports star is not over yet. A number of women have come forward, revealing the scandalous sexual preferences of the athlete. Once one of our favorite golfers, Woods is now one of the most promiscuous and disappointing males in America.

12. Jon and Kate Gosselin
America watched as TLC’s favorite reality TV family fell apart before our eyes. Jon & Kate Plus 8 won our hearts with eight adorable faces along with proof that strong marriages are possible despite the sometimes unimaginable odds (like having eight children). Fame got to the family as Jon began partying and having alleged affairs with family friends and whoever else he could get his hands on, leaving Kate at home with the kids. The antics resulted in the couple’s separation, meltdown, and divorce.

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13. Morgan Freeman
During 2009, Morgan Freeman allegedly started seeing his 27-year-old stepdaughter. Once you turn to family members (blood related or not) for dates, something is definitely not sitting right upstairs.

14. Chris Brown
After beating beloved pop singer and his at-the-time girlfriend Rihanna, it came as no surprise that Chris Brown fell out of favor with the public. His latest album, Graffiti, met devastating sales and a lack of shelf space in many stores. Brown angrily tweeted that this was due to discrimination in the industry; he later deleted his Twitter account.

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15. Kanye West
Who could forget the moment when Kanye West stormed the stage at the MTV VMA’s, stole the microphone and spotlight from Taylor Swift, and declared her unworthy of the Best Female Video Award while pronouncing the true winner to be Beyonce. This public breakdown, followed by a less-than-sincere apology definitely allowed West to make his embarassing mark in history.

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