15 Genius DIY Projects To Keep You Entertained All Winter

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15 Genius DIY Projects To Keep You Entertained All Winter
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There’s a good chance that you—yes, you!—might be feeling a little down this time of year. The holiday parties are over, the days off from work are pretty much done, and the nights seemingly stretch on with not much to do.

While we absolutely suggest using the cold winter months to catch up on those books you’ve been meaning to crack (Gone Girl won’t read itself, people), or tucking into a season of a buzzy show (What? You still haven’t started “Homeland?!” ), there’s also another fabulous way to pass the time that’s both easy and fun: DIY projects.

All it takes is a quick trip to your local crafts store and access to a computer to check out the seriously amazing do-it-yourself blogs that are out there, and you’re all set. From making your own wrapping paper, to creating cool jewelry for yourself, the hours will fly by—and you’ll have some cool stuff to show for it!

We scoured our favorite blogs for 15 amazing and easy projects to tackle this winter—and also provided bookmark-ready links to the project’s tutorials. Happy DIYing!

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All you'll need is a pack of embroidery thread and some time on your hands to make a slew of colorful friendship bracelets. Check out Honestly...WTF's amazingly simple how-to guide that outlines methods to create various patterns and ways to add embellishments. 

Image via Honestly...WTF

You'll flip when you see how easy it is to make this adorable heart-print blanket created by the gals behind compulsively-readable lifestyle and DIY blog A Beautiful Mess. All you'll need: paint, scissors, a paintbrush, cardboard and cork. Oh, and an inexpensive blanket (head to your local Target or grab one of those old throws nobody ever uses in your linen closet). 

Photo via A Beautiful Mess

One thing that's consistently lacking: Wrapping paper that's not dresadfully ugly or totally cliche. The perfect solution: This splatter-print paper we spotted on DIY blog Sprinkles & Springs (which lays out a visual guide on how to perfectly splatter the paint, and also some useful tips to make it look artistic, not messy). You'll need solid wrapping paper and/or paper gift bags, some paint and a paintbrush. 

Image via Sprinkles & Springs 

There's something supremely satisfying about creating your own jewelry, especially when it's super-chic and totally on trend, like this gem and PVC necklace created by Geneva Vanderzeil of fabulous DIY blog A Pair and a Spare

Photo via A Pair and a Spare.

Smoking slippers undoubtedly were one of the year's biggest trends—and from the looks of it—they're not going anywhere. While you can find a chic pair anywhere from Zara to Barneys, why not make your own using an applique of your choice? Check out this awesomely simple tutorial from DIY blogger Kristen Turner of Glitter 'N Glue!  

Photo via Glitter 'N Glue

In recent years, designers like Alexander Wang and VPL have propelled the thick-strapped meant-to-be-seen bra into the forefront. Ivania Carpio, the gal behind super-sleek, minimalist blog Love Aesthetics demonstrates how to DIY your own using an old strapless bra, some elastic and a needle and thread. Cool and cost-effective. 

Image via Love Aesthetic

Inspired by Gilles & Brother's recent hex collection, plenty of DIY bloggers have posted about creating your own hex nut jewelry, and we like Esther of Wholly Kao's extra tips and tricks. This bracelet just requires some rope and a few hex nuts, and it only takes a few minutes to make. 

Photo via Wholly Kao

Such a brilliant idea: Make your own piece of modern art with nothing but a piece of canvas, a hot glue gun, a hairdryer and a box of Crayola crayons. Head over to blog Whatever for a complete how-to!

Photo via Whatever

For the most part, blog See Kate Sew deals with simple sewing projects, but we discovered this fab tutorial that shows us how to create chic polka dot tights—so festive and so easy! (Read all the way through, though, to learn how to make the pattern perfect!).  

Image via See Kate Sew

Having a dinner party at your place? Impress your guests with these festive metallic cookies—no baking required! Check out mega-DIY blog P.S.- I Made This for a full tutorial. 

Photo via P.S. - I Made This

Head to your local paint store and snag a handful of free swatches and you're pretty much done creating this super-smart reusable paint swatch calendar we spotted on blog Tiffany Trinidad. You'll need a picture frame, some tape and an erasable marker. The perfect gift! 

Photo via Tiffany Trinidad

We're obsessed with blogger and author Jenni Radosevich's simple and chic safety pin bracelet (and her wildly successul blog I Spy DIY) that only takes a few minutes to make using chain, a safety pin, some jump rings and wire cutter. Gorgeous!

Photo via I Spy DIY

Get creative with all those leftover safety pins (along with some glue, beads and elastic) and make this cool bracelet that a user submitted to DIY forum Craftbits. Check out how to make it, and what the glue's for here!

Image via Craftbits

While you're vegging out at home, why not make a few of these super-embellished pouches? Honestly ... WTF took on the project after missing out on a glitter clutch by jewelry house Mawi during an online sale, and their interpretation is perfection.  

Image via Honestly ... WTF

Here's a clever use for all those corks you've amassed: Use them to create literal corkboards using old picture frames and a hot glue gun. Check out blog Simply Emily for directions, and see how cool they look when a trio was hung on a wall. 

Photo via Simply Emily

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