13 Shocking Celebrity Movie Transformations!

13 Shocking Celebrity Movie Transformations!
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Its no big secret that getting ahead in your professional life is all about sacrifice. For us in the conventional world, that usually means skipping our lunch breaks or leaving the office a little later then we’d like. This is certainly not the case for some of our favorite Hollywood celebrities. Just imagine having to shed a quarter of your body weight for career purposes. Well, thats exactly what 50 Cent had to do for his upcoming movie role in Things Fall Apart. While the rapper’s dedication to his film career may be an extreme case, plenty of leading men and ladies have undergone drastic transformations just for the prospect of a little golden statue.

Dont get us wrong, we love what we do, but not enough to put our health at risk. Fortunately for a lucky few, all that hard work chomping on donuts (Matt Damon we’re looking at you) pays off come award season, but more often then not, these bold celebs walk away empty handed and 50 pounds heavier or lighter, or just plain weird looking.

Take a look at our choices for the most drastic movie role transformations and ask yourself, would I do that for my craft? We think not! On second thought, maybe we would for a cool $10 mil.


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According to a recent Huffington Post article, the usually buff rapper took to a liquid diet in order to shed an astonishing 54 pounds in just nine weeks. 50 Cent, better known for his six-pack abs than his skeletal frame, underwent the drastic transformation to play the role of a cancer-stricken football player in his new movie, Things Fall Apart. All we have to say is, get him a hamburger, and quick!

Unlike some of the other actors on this list, Taylor Lautner’s transformation was one for the better. For the second installment of Twilight, Lautner shed his long locks and buffed up, which sent him on the fast track to  becoming one of the biggest teen heartthrobs on the Hollywood scene. He's even been giving Robert Pattinson a run for his money. We’re sure the fact that he spends more then half of the movie shirtless was motivation enough to pump up those muscles.

Who could forget Charlize Theron’s unbelievable transformation in 2003’s Monster. The typically stunning actress was unrecognizable in her Oscar-winning role. Not only did Theron jump on the weight gain bandwagon, but she also spent hours in the makeup chair to achieve the haggard look. If it took us that many hours to look ugly too, we think we wouldn't be complaining.

Colin Farrell took the term scary skinny to new heights when he appeared in last year’s Triage. Considering that the movie isn’t very well known, we’re assuming the weight loss didn't pay off the way he had probably hoped. Maybe next time Colin!

George Clooney is better known as one of Hollywood’s sexiest leading men, but back in 2005 Clooney was anything but. To play his role of a CIA operative in Syriana, Clooney gained about 30 pounds. Fortunately for Clooney lovers everywhere, the weight gain and facial hair were only temporary. Our favorite leading man has since bounced back to his pre-Syriana days and has bagged an Italian hottie in Elisabetta Canalis to boot.

Hilary Swank is no stranger to movie role transformations. Before she buffed up for Million Dollar Baby, Swank played the role of a sexually confused male in 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry. A far cry from her usually toned and curvy physique, at seven percent body fat and with a cropped cut, Swank was virtually unrecognizable. The emotionally challenging role was well worth it though – it landed the actress a Golden Globe and Oscar win.

Everyone is buzzing about Jake Gyllenhaal’s new summer blockbuster, Prince of Persia. The role is definitely different then anything Gyllenhaal has done in the past. In order to play the action star, the actor took to the gym in order to gain all of those uncharacteristic muscles. All we can say is that Gyllenhaal sure has come a long way since his Donnie Darko days.

Mariah Carey is better known for her over-the-top style and hip-hugging dresses, but the singer underwent a dramatic make-under to play the role of a drab social worker in last year’s Precious. We applaud Carey for having the guts to appear onscreen wearing little to no makeup and traces of a fake mustache. Carey told People that the experience was both liberating and humiliating. We’re assuming the humiliation was well worth all of the acclaim the movie has garnered, not to mention adding "legitimate actress" to the butterfly-lover's resume.

Matt Damon is getting to be a pro at the weight loss/gain game. We’ve all seen him rapidly drop 40 or so pounds to take on a character – The Talented Mr. Ripley anyone? But in 2009’s The Informant, it was the 40-pound weight gain that had everyone talking. Damon even joked to USA Today, saying, "Now I'm the Sexiest Man Alive's chunky cousin." We still love you Matt, chunky cousin or not.

Ask most women if they would go bald for a movie role and we’re pretty sure the answer would be a resounding "N-O!" That is precisely why Natalie Portman is not most women. In the 2005 flick V For Vendetta, Portman has her tresses shaved onscreen in a single take (no pressure or anything). While going bald may seem like a nightmare to us, Portman still manages to exude an effortless beauty. After all, it’s only hair right?

Robert Downey Jr. proves that not all dramatic transformations have to do with weight. In a bold move, the actor donned heavy face makeup to play a black man in the 2008 film Tropic Thunder. While many criticized Downey for the blackface move, it is tough to argue that the movie was anything but comic gold.

Who can forget Tom Hanks’ extraordinary performance in 2002’s Cast Away. It takes a truly talented actor to star alone in a two and a half hour movie. Actually, Hanks did have one co-star – a soccer ball named Wilson. The actor’s transformation was visible onscreen, starting the movie at a healthy weight and slowly deteriorating to just skin and bones and a whole lot of facial hair by movie's end.

Back in 2007, Jared Leto added an extra 67 pounds to his thin frame to play the role of John Lennon’s murderer in the movie, Chapter 27. According to the LA Times, the rapid weight gain took a big toll on the actor’s health – so much so that by the end of production, the musician was taking Lipitor and unable to walk to set. To add insult to injury, the film received dismal reviews when it opened in 2008. Double ouch!

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