The 12 Types Of Celebrities That Attend New York Fashion Week

Spencer Cain

Every season, we look forward to Fashion Week for a slew of reasons. It’s always a joy checking out the newest designer collections, seeing the hoards of wannabe street style stars preening outside Lincoln Center, and sipping cocktails at the hottest after-parties, but one of our all-time favorite parts of Fashion Week is doing some front-row celebrity spotting.

Having a star attend a runway show has become a business in itself, with some A-listers like Beyoncé rumored to net around $100,000 just to sit and look interested in the collection. So, with New York Fashion Week beginning tomorrow, we decided to break down the 12 different types of celebrities who always pop up in the front row—from the athletes of the moment to the token It girls.

Click through the slideshow above for your guide to celebrities at Fashion Week!