12 Celebs That Hit Rock Bottom And Rose Again – There’s Hope For LiLo Yet!


It’s no secret that when celebrities fall, we take pleasure in their catastrophic public mistakes. And yet, as Lindsay Lohan gets started on her 90 days of jail time, stars we would have never expected to recover are reentering the spotlight scandal-free. Though we won’t be letting Mariah Carey near an ice cream cart any time soon (see below), we love a good comeback just as much as the next guy. So this one’s for you Lindsay: Here’s 12 celebrities who hit rock bottom and rose again.

1. Drew Barrymore
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Drew Barrymore back in 1989. Photo: Jim Smeal, WireImage

From drugs to jail time, Drew Barrymore justly signifies the horrors of Hollywood and its ability to destroy a personality, no matter what her age. Rather than typical early teen adventures like kissing a boy for the first time, Drew was out partying with men twice her age and experimenting with various drugs (not exactly what we were doing at the tender age of 10). Yet, before the founder of Flower Films reached her late teens, she was well aware of her wayward ways and started sobering up. The actress is now quite the Hollywood mogul and is currently the cover model on both NYLON and Elle magazine’s August issues.

2. Robert Downey Jr.
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Downey Jr. mugs for the camera. Photo: Liaison, Getty Images

As both Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr. has played everyones favorite protagonist. But it wasn’t always the case: The 45-year-old actor has had quite the history of substance abuse problems. Following years of both rehab and relapse from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, fans were beginning to lose faith in their favorite star. Though as all superhero tales, Downey Jr. triumphed above the dark world of boozin’ and cruisin’ for a very happy ending.

3. Nicole Richie
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Nicole Richie’s mug shot circa 2006. Photo: Handout, Getty Images

Nicole Richie proves that limitless amounts of money and celebrity parents can really get you into trouble. Blaming her downward spiral on sheer boredom, Richie has seen it all: drug abuse, jail time, eating disorders. But let’s not focus only on the bad: at 29 years of age, the wife of Joel Madden and glowing mother of two seems happier than ever and is finally achieving a level of normalcy with a family life and designer of her line House of Harlow.

4. Hugh Grant
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We prefer Hugh Grant in Love Actually. Photo: S. Granitz, WireImage

Could it be true? Hugh Grant, the dapper but loveable English gentleman who’s swept us off our feet over and over (through our TV screens at least) with his rumpled charm was arrested for prostitution charges? Theres an oxymoron if you ask us. For all you rom com fans out there, have no worry because Hugh Grants minor DUI and prostitution scandal in 1995 was only a small lapse in character and he has since recovered his reputation. After apologizing incessantly on every talk show possible and staying persistent in his career, he’s since starred in hit Rom Coms such as Notting Hill and Love Actually.

5. Mickey Rourke
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Rourke has come a long from his bad boy days. Photo: Jean-Paul Aussenard, WireImage

What better way to get people to forgive and forget than to be nominated for an Oscar? After years of struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, Mickey Rourkes turbulent story had become so exhausting that he nearly disappeared from the media altogether. With his triumphant return to Hollywood in his highly acclaimed role in The Wrestler, however, Rourke is back in fine form.

6. Kelly Osbourne
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Back in 2003 Osbourne looked less polished. Photo: Jon Furniss, Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne may have been better known as rock star progeny with a penchant for rehab four times for abusing prescription meds at last count but this celeb has brighter days ahead. Now the former Dancing With the Stars contestant is on top and possibly making mucho bucks off her trials and tribulations; Osbourne is set to release Fierce, a book that chronicles her dark journey.

7. Kate Moss
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It’s no secret that Kate Moss likes to party. Photo: Dave M. Benett, Getty Images

Kate Moss release from rehab was not a quiet one. Just days after walking out of a rehabilitation center following a very public display of cocaine use (which made the Daily Mirror‘s front page), Moss appeared in an 11-page spread in Vanity Fair, which declared: “Kate Mosscan she come back?” The answer was a clear yes when the iconic waif-ish model was accepted back into the fashion world with open arms, once again dominating fashion and beauty ad campaigns for brands like YSL and Rimmel London.

8. Jodie Sweetin
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Sweetin poses with her memoir in 2009. Photo: Craig Barritt, Getty Images

Cult sitcom Full House may have presented the perfect family situation, but was in reality anything but. Looking backstage at the lives of the child stars themselves, and in particular Jodie Sweetin, who had a meth addiction that prevailed well into her 20s, one wonders exactly how the show managed to destroy the life of the adorable Stephanie Tanner and why Bob Sagat wasnt there to give her one of his typical life talks. Fortunately, but not without severe consequences (Sweetin lost both her husband and daughter), the once adorable actress was able to overcome her addictions and went public with the news of her recovery. She has since become a spokesperson for all young adults following down that same path she did. If only uncle Joey had stepped in a bit earlier and told her to cutitout.

10. Ben Affleck
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Ben Affleck. Photo: Ethan Miller, Getty Images

You may not recall, but back in 2001, Ben Affleck was a bonafide member of the celebrity rehab club when he checked himself into a Malibu center for an alcohol abuse problem. Even if you do vaguely recall this low period in the actor’s life (this video of Ben Affleck drunk on camera should remind you), his thriving career and subsequent marriage to the gorgeous Jennifer Garner have probably by now buried those distant memories.

11. Fergie
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Fergie was one third of the singing trio, Wild Orchid, above, during her meth addiction years. Photo: Barry King, WireImage

From Britney Spears to Mariah Carey (see below), the road to pop star-dom is littered with serious issues. Take Fergie, who had a meth addiction at just 17 years old. Now 10 years clean and going strong and with a hottie on her side to boot (ahem, Josh Duhamel), Fergie is riding high (albeit naturally of course).

12. Mariah Carey
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TRL welcomed Mariah back in 2006. Photo: Evan Agostini, Getty Images

It’s tough to forget that weird moment in music history when Mariah Carey did a peculiar striptease on TRL, handing out popsicles from the ice cream cart she unexpectedly wheeled in. This was really only the beginning of the public meltdown that was to come. The release of her album The Emancipation of Mimi following this downfall, however, put the pop princess right back on top. Plus with her incredible, critically acclaimed turn as as social worker in Precious, Mariah shows that talent will beat rehab anytime.

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