12 Celebrities Who Yo-Yo in Size


Recently, yo-yo dieting has become somewhat of a sport in Hollywood. It seems as if celebrities can dip from a size 10 to a size 0 and back again, without breaking a sweat. While weight fluctuation is normal, these celebrities go up and down so often that theyve become almost synonymous with their dieting habits. In some cases, they are better known for their weight than their acting or singing chops– think Jessica Simpson. Here is our rundown of the 12 celebrities with ever-changing waistlines.

1. Janet Jackson
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No one knows the art of yo-yo dieting better than Ms. Jackson. Janets fluctuation in weight dates back to her Rhythm Nation days, but her most visible weight gain occurred a few years ago when she put on a whopping 60 pounds. The pop icon claimed that she packed on the pounds for a movie role, but that wasnt the first or last time that she put on a significant amount of weight. Over the years, Jackson has gone from posing on magazine covers with a six-pack to donning oversized sweats at the beach. We do see a pattern– when the singer is touring or promoting an album, her body is model-perfect…until the next day off.

2. Jessica Simpson
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When photos of Jessica Simpson performing at a Florida concert were revealed last year, the media had an absolute field day. Simpson was highly criticized for her curvier figure, with some reports claiming that the singer had gone from a size 4 to a size 12. Of course, that 12 is a far cry from Simpsons Daisy Duke days. In 2005, with the help of the South Beach Diet, she dropped down to a size 4 in preparation for the role. However, the drastic weight loss did not last long. Her weight gain and loss has become visibly connected to Simpson’s dating life. She’s been known to gain weight when she is in a relationship (i.e. John Mayer and Tony Romo), only to dramatically lose weight soon after a breakup. We feel your pain Jessica, but all that yo-yo dieting just cant be good for you.

3. Mariah Carey
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Mariah Carey is another pop star whose weight has fluctuated since the beginning of her career. In the 90s, Mariah Carey could be seen sporting denim cut-offs and a much thinner figure– you all remember the music video for “Fantasy.” But these days, Carey has definitely embraced her curves. She was most recently seen showing off a bit too much skin at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards.

4. Kirstie Alley
89142 1267555068 12 Celebrities Who Yo Yo in SizeThe former Jenny Craig spokeswoman publicly dropped a whopping 75 pounds while on the program, even strutting her stuff in a bathing suit in front of millions on Oprah. Of course, like all yo-yo dieters, Alley’s weight loss didn’t last long. In the years since leaving Jenny Craig, Alley has put most of the weight back on, claiming that she got carried away with her new food freedom.

5. Oprah Winfrey
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How could we have a list of yo-yo dieters without including Oprah Winfrey? We are all aware of Oprahs 1988 appearance on her daytime show, wheeling around a wagon full of fat, after dramatically losing 68 pounds. Well, let’s just say that the 68 pounds has managed to find and lose her several times since that late 80s episode. By 1992, Oprah was back up to 237 pounds. Recently, Oprah has attributed her battle with the bulge to a newly diagnosed thyroid problem. Now, knowing how to manage and treat her overactive thyroid, Oprah has been able to keep her weight steady for the first time in decades.

6. Matthew Perry
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Anyone who was a religious Friends fanatic could see Matthew Perrys struggle with weight firsthand. Unlike most of the celebrities on this list, Perrys weight battle had to do with his alleged on-and-off drug use. Throughout his 10 years as Chandler Bing, the actor reportedly struggled with both alcohol and painkillers. When Perry was said to be using drugs, he would drastically lose weight, but after a stint in rehab, his weight would balloon. Thankfully, Perry seems to have finally kicked his addiction, appearing to be at a steady weight for the past few years.

7. Britney Spears
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The Princess of Pop has definitely had her ups and downs in the past few years. Who could forget Spears showing off her flat abs in the “Baby One More Time” music video? At 16, the pop star had a body to die for. After a divorce and two kids, Spears has seen her fair share of struggle with weight. Anyone who reads tabloids is well aware of Britneys adoration for Frappuccinos from
Starbucks— a no-no for a dancer-worthy body. With the help of a personal trainer and hours logged on-stage, Spears is looking better than ever these days. We say keep up the good work Brit!

8. Tyra Banks
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Kiss my fat ass! Tyra Banks shouted on her daytime talk show back in 2007. The illustrious words were in response to the media attacks shed received after being photographed in a bathing suit. The former supermodel admitted to gaining 30 pounds since retiring from the catwalk. She had gotten up to 161 pounds on her 510 frame– hardly what wed call fat. Since then, Banks has lost, gained, and lost weight again, giving her the title of a yo-yo dieter. Banks makes no apologies for her fuller frame, telling People magazine,”I still feel hot, but every day is different.

9. Kelly Osbourne
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The former wild child seems to have finally kicked her battle with excess weight. Osbourne was seen showing off her new slim figure at New York Fashion Week this past month. The rock-star daughter had lost weight in the past, but always struggled to keep it off. After her stint on Dancing with the Stars, however, she found herself in better shape than ever, and has managed to keep it off. Let’s keep watching to see if Osbourne has finally won her battle with the bulge for good.

10. Renee Zellweger
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Yo-yo dieting has actually become part of Zellwegers profession. She gained 25 pounds to play the role of Bridget Jones, not once, but twice. The yo-yo dieting paid off when she received her first Oscar nomination for her role in Bridget Joness Diary. Soon after each weight gain, Zellweger is seemingly able to magically bounce back to her naturally thin physique– were sure the high paid personal trainers help!

11. Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Make no mistake about it– the former Party of Five star definitely has a killer body. While this is true, Hewitt has received a lot of negative media attention for her weight gain in the past couple of years. An unflattering photo of the actress surfaced a couple of years ago, causing a media storm of criticism. Soon after the photograph, Hewitt lost a significant amount of weight, even posing in a bikini for the cover of Shape. She told the magazine,Were all made to look different from one another, and this is why its important to acknowledge this difference and learn to love what weve been given, instead of trying to be something else. We couldnt agree more Jennifer!

12. Tobey Maguire
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Spider-Man, Seabiscuit, Spider-Man 2, Brothers— these are just some of the movies for which Tobey Maguire has had to drastically put on and lose pounds. Like Zellweger, Maguire has managed to make a career out of yo-yo dieting, and a very successful one at that. The ordinarily slim actor had to buff-up to play the role of Spider Man, then he had to slim down to play a horse jockey, only to bulk up again to reprise his role in Spider-Man 2. More recently, Maguire lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks to play the role of a P.O.W. in Brothers. The weight loss paid off, garnering the actor a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor.

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