11 Indulgent Hot Chocolates to Heat Up Your Nights


Cuddling with a beau on a frosty night can take the chill out of the air—but throw in a warm mug of melted chocolate and it’s a recipe for the ultimate in happiness.
Between holiday shopping and eating, the chilly season can get stressful, and nothing melts those winter blues away quite like hot cocoa. But if you’ve been relying on those packaged versions, it’s time to kick that naughty habit to the curb.
For snowy days, frigid nights, or just moments when cravings kick in, unwind with thick, luscious, piping hot cocoa certain to heat things up and warm your heart. We found 11 sip-and-sigh-worthy variations, all perfect for embracing while underneath a sea of blankets.


Craving soul-warming mulled wine and hot chocolate? Have both, we say! Karen from Citrus and Candy adds red wine to her hot chocolate, which soaks up cloves, star anise, and rosemary. The result is a velvety concoction with a fragrant, floral finish. Serve warm and sip slowly, savoring every single dizzying drop.


Nutty, chocolatey Nutella. It’s so dangerously delicious a gang of thieves in Germany stole five metric tons of the hazelnut spread from a trailer. We, however, recommend using your stash at home and topping your hot cocoa with it. Let’s face it, you can never have too much Nutella or hot chocolate. Leslie from The Hungry Housewife shares her recipe and she promises that it will make your holidays extra sweeter and your jeans a little tighter.


For a touch of zest, Joy of Joy the Baker amps up her drink with cinnamon and orange, along with juicy blood orange slices to further intensify the flavors. She recommends pairing it with soft, freshly baked cinnamon cookies, but any other dessert will do to sweeten up a wintry night.


How does Lori of Recipe Girl get her creamy hot chocolate to taste exactly like fresh caramel corn? By infusing hot almond milk with actual caramel corn, of course. For extra sweetness, she chops up some white chocolate and adds it, allowing it to slowly melt. Is your mouth watering or is it just us?


With just enough fresh strawberry syrup, whipped cream, as well as plenty of chocolate, you too can easily make this festive, oh so delicious treat. Emma and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess created their red velvet hot chocolate for Valentine’s Day, but we think it could also easily heat up any other night of the year.
For more amazing hot chocolate ideas visit Fox News Magazine.
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