11 Drastic Celebrity Transformations Before and After Their Hit TV Shows

11 Drastic Celebrity Transformations Before and After Their Hit TV Shows
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If there’s one thing celebrities are good at, its reinventing themselves. From hair color to body size, by now we’ve just about seen it all when it comes to celebrities playing the part of chameleons.

Some celebrity transformations aren’t always for the better. Taylor Momsen, once the sweet teenybopper with a genuine smile, morphed for her role on “Gossip Girl,” and looked as if she was let out of rehab two months too soon with black eyeliner as her BFF. Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, may as well be just as famous for revamping her appearance from frumpy girl-next-door to one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses as Rachel on “Friends.”

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Before she became Ellen DeGeneres‘ other half, Portia de Rossi starred alongside Calista Flockhart on “Ally McBeal.” While playing Nelle Porter, the previously curvy actress went through some drastic body changes, spurring rumors of an eating disorder. Most recently, she appeared to have undergone quite a bit of plastic surgery, shocking fans who witnessed her transformation on “Arrested Development.”

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We took it upon ourselves to compare some of our favorite TV stars before and after the shows that made them famous, including the above ladies, as well as those that are newer to the TV scene, such as Blake Lively and Allison Williams.

And while their small-screen gigs did wonders for their careers, we’ll let you decide whether television fame was for better or worse in the style and beauty departments. Take a look at 11 drastic celebrity transformations above, and weigh in on who you think looks the most different!

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Before Blake Lively scored the lead role on 2007's "Gossip Girl" let's just say she wasn't quite as glamorous—or as covered in high-fashion labels—as she is now. 

It’s hard to imagine Taylor Momsen without her bleached blonde locks and goth raccoon eyes, but before becoming rebellious Jenny Humphrey on "Gossip Girl" in 2007, she could've been mistaken for your innocent little cousin. What a difference a few years makes.

Before she became Ellen DeGeneres‘ other half, Portia de Rossi starred alongside Calista Flockhart on Ally McBeal. While playing Nelle Porter, the previously curvy actress went through some drastic body changes, spurring rumors of an eating disorder. Most recently, she shocked "Arrested Development" fans with what looked like a great deal of plastic surgery. 

Who would Sarah Jessica Parker be without Carrie Bradshaw? It's obvious that the fictional sex columnist’s keen fashion sense helped shape the real-life actress’ off-screen style. 

Before becoming an actress and super-chic fashion darling, "Girls" star Allison Williams seems to have an affinity for mousy-colored hair and what appears to be a faux-tan.

Gone are the days of streaky highlights, iffy clothes, and overly waxed eyebrows for the "The Hills" star turned fashion mogul. Lauren Conrad has glammed up big-time since her early-2000s "Laguna Beach" days.

After (count ‘em) 10 surgeries, Heidi Montag is now a mere a shadow of her former self. While we don’t miss her grating personality during the first few seasons of "The Hills," what we do miss her adorable looks.

We get it: the ’90s were a little rough on everyone, including Jennifer Aniston. Before making The Rachel haircut a cult favorite, it seems Aniston was just another gal trying to making it Hollywood. Is it bad that we get just a tiny bit satisfaction knowing that she wasn’t always perfec

Since taking on the role of Betty Draper on "Mad Men", January Jones has become a bonafide bombshell. Now, the South Dakota-native rarely misses a beat on the red carpet, but such was not always the case. Back in the late 1990s, struggling actress Jones was often spotted on the arm of then-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher looking less than star-like.

Way before “Twilight” and “True Blood” causing a pop culture frenzy, Sarah Michelle Gellar was slaying vampires better than the rest of ‘em. But while she may have been an expert at killing off fanged creatures, Gellar could have benefited from transferring those skills to the brow department.

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