101 Life-Changing Things You Can Learn on Pinterest

Apart from the fact that it allows you to organize everything that inspires you in one digital place, Pinterest is a staggering wealth of information about anything you’ve ever wanted to know. Mining it, however, can be overwhelming, given the sheer vastness of pins—currently more than 30 billion (yes, that’s billion with a B) pins on Pinterest, half of which have been added in the last six months, according to the company.

The reason why Pinterest is teeming with information? Well, for starters, it could be because of its web traffic-driving capabilities—it now drives more of it to various sites to publishers than Twitter and Reddit combined. This means that sites like the one you’re reading right now uses the platform to reach new audiences. Plus, it’s become a known source for things like planning weddings, amassing fashion and home decor inspiration, and finding new recipes, so folks involved in these industries will continue to pin all their content, knowing people are looking for it.

Okay enough talk: Below, we’ve culled a mixed-bag of 101 life-changing things you can learn on Pinterest. You’re welcome!

things you can learn from pinterest stylecaster

101. You can learn how to straighten your hair—without heat! 

100. Pinterest can teach you the 5 rules to getting more Instagram followers.

99. Step-by step infographics on how to tie a bowtie (your man will be so impressed.)

98. How to correctly coil your MacBook charger so you never have to replace it.

97. How to make the famed Avocado Toast from New York’s Cafe Gitane.

 101 Life Changing Things You Can Learn on Pinterest

Avocado toast, yum!
Photo: Shepherds Pie


96. 10 ‘healthy’ foods that can make you fat. (Yikes!)

95 How to be a really, really good houseguest.

94. You can learn the top 23 questions to ask a potential wedding photographer.

93. How to make confetti-dipped balloons to really step up your party decor.

 101 Life Changing Things You Can Learn on Pinterest

Confetti-dipped balloons? Um, yes!
Photo: Studio DIY

92. How to clean your front-loading washing machine. It’s something most of us probably never even think about.

91. How to measure your bra size at home. (It’s really easy!)

90. Learn the 5 foods that boost concentration the most.

89. Understand how to choose a wedding bouquet with this complete illustrated glossary.

88. Love the look of distressed denim shorts? Learn how to make your own!

how to make denim shorts

Photo: Getty

87. Learn to accurately pronounce tricky designer’s names, such as Givenchy, Proenza Schouler, and Balmain.

86How to peel pineapples! (Because, honestly, it doesn’t look easy.)

85. How to tell when your makeup is expired. 

84. Learn what to wear to every single wedding you’ll ever be invited to.

83. How to keep a duvet cover in place. So helpful!

82. The keyboard command that will erase an entire word while you’re typing, instead of deleting it letter by letter or highlighting.

81. What colors to wear if you’re cool-toned or warm-toned (plus, how to figure out which one you are.)

7328408e9a7f891a92deecc1e33386e2 101 Life Changing Things You Can Learn on Pinterest

80. How long the “perfect” nap should be, according to NASA.

79. 50 big faux-pas to avoid if you’re hosting a party. 

78. How to un-wrinkle a shirt without an iron. 

77. Did you know there are 13 types of forks? Learn what each one should be used for. 

76. How to tie a chic turban using a scarf.

75. The absolute best YouTube tutorials for curling your hair. 

74. How to style a pair of overalls to make them staggeringly chic.

73. Easy ways to clean your dirty computer keyboard.

72. You can learn how, exactly, to buy wine for a party.

71. 15 seriously weird uses for Coca Cola.

70. What, exactly, your body’s burning during each minute of exercise.

69. How to mix prints like a pro.

breton stripes 101 Life Changing Things You Can Learn on Pinterest

Print-mixing made easy thanks to Pinterest!
Photo: Imaxtree

68. You can learn how make raspberry white chocolate ice pops. Uh, yum.

67. Pintrest can teach you how to remove a splinter without tweezers. Who knew?!

66. Learn how to make healthy avocado hummus, step by step.

65. How anyone—yes, anyone!—can wear orange lipstick.

64. Here’s how to create the perfect fashion flat lay

63. Learn the secrets to growing your hair faster

62. Use Pinterest to gauge whether your shopping habits are unhealthy.

61. How to actually make those pretty little macarons that fill up your social media feeds.

macarons recipe

(Photo: Getty)

60. Impress your friends at brunch by learning to make a smoked salmon and goat cheese scramble.

59. Learn what to wear with a jean jacket to create four very different outfits.

58. Want to learn to knit? Pinterest rounds up a wealth of online resources to get you started.

57. Brush up on tricks that’ll make you look like you have a stylist (even if you don’t)

56. Learn how to play guitar chords the easy way.

55. Pinterest can teach you to make ice cream sandwiches …. with donuts.


54. Going through a break-up? Learn 5 ways to handle the split with class.

53. You can also learn 50 brilliant beauty uses for common household products.

52. Here’s are 20 cocktails that won’t make you gain weight.

51. Pinterest can teach you how to make 30 delicious low-carb desserts. 

50. Here’s how to make your own all-natural home scents.

49. Learn about 10 weird things that happen to your body when you’re in love. 

48. Getting out of dodge? Pinterest can teach you the 27 hacks every good traveler knows. 

47. Pinterest can teach you what to wear with Birkenstocks to make them look chic (which isn’t as hard as it sounds!)

46. Learn to make 13 different types of hummus, all in one handy infographic.

45. Learn how to put together 50 minimalist outfits using things you probably already own.

44. Pinterest can clue you in on 35 things you’ll never see again in your life (ahem, Kay Bee toy stores.)

43. 12 types of Halloween candy that are 100 calories or less!

42. How to learn basic math using Lego’s.

41. Redecorating? Here are 42 places to buy an affordable midcentury-style couch.

40. Learn how to make cute signs for your wedding letting guests know there’s a hashtag.

39how to replace juice with sherbet for the perfect mimosa

38.  14 ways to look taller using nothing but your clothes.

how to look taller

Photo: Jenny Norris

 37.  Here’s a clever way to remove the scent of garlic from your hands after cooking.

36. Learn about 10 ideas that prove you don’t need to take your wedding too seriously.

35. Pinterest can teach you how to DIY your own super-chic tassel necklace.

34. Learn how to seamlessly tuck non-skinny jeans into boots.

33. How to wash every single item in your closet with 101 tips!

32. You can learn 101 ways to lose one pound.

31. Learn the 10 things to keep at the office to go from day to night in a few seconds flat.

30. Learn how to build a bridal emergency kit.

29. Pinterest can teach you the lifespan of various foods in the freezer. Helpful!

28. Learn the 8 reasons why your hair stops growing.

27. Learn how to wear sequins during the day (and look too flashy.)

26. Discover makeup tips for girls who wear glasses!

25. Learn tons of things to make using your old fashion magazines.

24. Want to learn how to wear socks and sandals and still look cool? Pinterest!

23. Here’s how to make your resume really stand out.

22. Learn the 7 habits of highly stylish people. 

21. 36 genius kitchen hacks nobody ever told you about.

20. Learn brilliant beauty hacks, like the below tip!

how to stop sweating

Photo: Beauty High

19. Pinterest can teach you smart tips and tricks to clean your car.

18. How to fix every nail problem in the book.

17. Learn the 50 fashion rules to break now.

16. Want to learn to draw? Check out these awesome resources for beginners.

15. Much needed: Learn how to find hidden storage spaces in your house.

14.  Eat or drink too much? Pinterest can teach you natural remedies for heartburn that really work

13. Very useful: Learn the amazing trick to always keeping ice cream soft in the freezer.

12. Love MAC lipstick? Here are exact color dupes, but cheaper.

11. Learn 10 ways to make more money, even if you have a full-time job.

10. Learn how to never take a “fat” photo again. 

9. Learn 50 eco-friendly tips that are insanely easy, like the one below.

easy eco friendly tips

9.  Throwing a bash? Here 101 party theme ideas!

8. Here’s how to avoid weight gain around the holidays.

7.  Learn the 7 reasons why you don’t need money to be stylish.

6. How to avoid buyer’s remorse every. single. time. you. shop.

5. Pinterest is a wealth of unconventional—but adorable—wedding ideas. 

4. On a budget? Learn hundreds of impressive recipes to make using cheap ramen noodles.

3. Pinterest is home to millions of awesomely inspiring quotes from strong women.

2. Whoa! Learn about 50 stars who turned down now-iconic movie and TV roles. 

1. Pinterest is a hot spot for amazing artwork, like the below sketch of everyone’s favorite lovable airhead Cher Horowitz.