10 Worst Celebrity Role Models


With their every moves being recorded on camera (whether it be by the paparazzi or on the big screen), it’s not surprising that celebrities become huge role models around the world. We look up to these stars, and some of us make our fashion, relationship, and even life decisions based around these people. Sure, there are a slew of celebrities who use their stardom for good (Brangelina, anybody?). However, there are also a handful of celebrities that we most definitely should not be taking cues from. Below, ten stars that should make us rethink our celebrity obsessions.

Lindsay Lohan (pictured above):

Sure, Lilo would have been worthy of our admiration during her younger years. With an illustrious career starring in movies such as The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, and Freaky Friday, and with amazing style to boot, who didnt look up to the young Lindsay Lohan? Nowadays, however, all that this ex-actress seems to be famous for are her family problems, unhealthy habits, and questionable drug addictions — she’s definitely one starlet we shouldnt be taking cues from.

Paris Hilton:88736 1266877066 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models

She’s known for her long legs, absent-minded demeanor, and trademark phrase, thats hot! Paris Hilton is definitely the epitome of someone being famous for, well, just being famous.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt:88737 1266877166 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models

We must admit that some of the things that this duo does disgusts us (ahem, Heidis very public plastic surgery debacle). However, we cant help but admit that were fascinated by this celebrity couple, which we know is not a good thing.

Audrina Patridge:88742 1266877773 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models

Sure, this Hills star has a body that a lot of us would kill for. But sadly, it seems that her relevance ends there. Role model? We think not.

Jordan (Katie Price):88738 1266877404 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models

Glamour Model turned media whore Jordan (aka Katie Price) has just published her second best-selling autobiography. We find that fact to be a little bit excessive when you take into account that shes, you know, a reality TV star.

Mischa Barton:88739 1266877562 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models

The medias fascination with Mischa Barton baffles us. When was the last time this girl did decent work since the The OC? Exactly.

Peaches Geldof:88740 1266877628 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models

“It” girl Peaches Geldof is always photographed doing the following: partying, wearing nice clothing, and spending her father’s (Bob Geldof) money. Besides the wearing nice clothing part, there’s not much else to look up to here.

Amy Winehouse:88744 1266878892 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models

We admit that songstress Amy Winehouse has an amazing voice. However, her countless stints in and out of rehab, combined with her reckless ways make her someone we certainly don’t want to emulate.

Kristin Cavallari:88741 1266877722 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models

Famous for being the bad girl on The Hills, it seems as if Kristin Cavallaris face has been all over the tabloids lately. However, her less-than-impressive dossier includes being on Laguna Beach and starring in a Teddy Geiger music video. Why are we so interested again?

Miley Cyrus:
88766 1266940882 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models

There’s no question that Miley Cyrus has had extreme success in the pop world, but she has also been the subject of endless controversy in the past year. The tween star is famous for dating older men, posing virtually naked in Vanity Fair, and using stripper poles in some of her dance routines — we don’t think most parents want their 12-year-olds looking up to that!

Images: infphoto.com

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