10 Tips for Calming Everyday Anxiety


Sometimes it seems that each day comes with a new set of anxieties — whether it be a bad start to your work day, a pending deadline, or even just stress built up from your relationship. Whether big or small, not every anxious feeling needs a Xanax to be resolved. Here are some suggestions on how to remedy those small nagging feelings that when left unattended, can eat away at your mental health.

1. Write in a Journal
A book filled with blank pages is your best (and most cost-efficient) therapist. Never worry or fear judgment from this blank book as it lets you pour out all of your emotions without time constraints or an hourly fee.

2. Meditate
Yoga, meditation, and other tranquil activities allow you to calmly sort out your thoughts and relieve any feelings of anxiousness. If you need to release an excess amount of stress as well, try a session of bikram yoga (also known as hot yoga) that will have you sweating out all of your anxieties within minutes.

3. Participate in Physical Activity
Getting physical is one of the best outlets you can utilize to help you let off steam. Whether it’s a run, walk, a kickboxing class, or even a less demanding leisure sport like golf, doing something active channels your focus away from everyday stress and calms your mind. Taking a step back from your anxieties can also help you gain perspective and realize that the problems you were facing may not be so detrimental after all.

4. Tennis Ball Trick
Weird, we know, but we highly recommend this trick. A tennis ball fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can act as a stress ball or at least, something to distract you from those everyday stressors. Play catch, or throw it against a wall, and you will find that the repetitive activity will soothe your nerves.

5. Get Artistic

Not the physical type? Try getting in touch with nature at your favorite outdoor spot, or find a quiet place by a window inside to sit down and channel your creative energy. Drawing and painting will distract you from inner tensions, and you may even find that creating something beautiful melts away your anxiety.

6. Hop in the Bubble Bath

There is no place to get privacy like a bathroom. Go in, shut the door, and run a relaxing bath with your favorite book, scented candles, and calming music. To tackle the outside world, you need to first tackle your inner self and resolve the conflicts in your mind. A bath is the perfect place to soak and reflect without disturbance.

7. Cook

When you cook a great meal, it creates a sense of accomplishment, not to mention, a delicious reward. Focus your energy on creating something new and then kick back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor — nothing feels or tastes better.

8. Explore New
Sometimes your anxiety inhabits a certain place, such as your home or office. A change of scenery may be just what you need. It doesn’t have to be far or for very long, it just needs to be some place new and different. Unfamiliar territory can give you a different view on the situation and put things in perspective. Find a coffee shop nearby to unwind, or scope out a scenic park bench and get your iPod ready.

9. Organize Your Living Space
When your life seems to be in shambles, sometimes the first step is to make sure you have an organized living space in which you can calm down. Rearrange your living room or bedroom, or if you’re feeling ambitious, redecorate altogether. Once you know everything is in order physically, it is just a matter of time before everything will fall into place mentally.

10. Surround Yourself with Positive People
When you become anxious, you tend to feel extremely vulnerable. Try to put yourself in situations in which you feel extremely comfortable, and make sure you are with the people you love. Those closest to you will offer unconditional comfort and support; venting your frustrations will hopefully lead to positive resolutions. Sometimes all you need is a little TLC.

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