10 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Us


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Lets face it, guys: sometimes we women are just a wee bit complicated. We dont really mean to be. Here are some things we really wish you knew about us:

We know within minutes of meeting you whether or not were going to sleep with you. Those first few minutes are crucial. If were into you, youll know (excessive eyelash batting, hair flipping, flushed skin, etc.) and if were not, well turn away, which is the official game over signal. Watch for these signs because, as “The Gambler” says, know when to hold em and know when to fold em.

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We love it when you take initiative. We dont always want to be the Cruise Director of the Love Boat. Every once in a while, YOU come up with a great idea for a date. You dont have to be a sweeping romantic, you just have to take the wheel every once in a while.

We know when youre lying. Theres a little signal (call it our own personal Spidey Sense) that goes off in our brain when we know something isnt quite right. We may not always let on (and sometime we trick ourselves into thinking that were just being silly) but, really, we always know.

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Sometimes we just like to vent. Unlike your male friends who only bring a problem to your doorstep when they want help solving it, most of the time we just need to blow off some steam. Well-timed head nods and sympathetic comments like That sounds awful or Youre right, she was totally out of line are usually all we want. If we want help solving the issue, well ask you.

Every woman is insecure about something. Women are bombarded every day with images from the media that remind us that were not perfect. Telling us to get over it is not the way to handle the problem (and well secretly hate you for it.) A little well-timed reassurance that you think were hot just the way we are goes a long way.

We like to have sex as much as you do. Right this minute, were plotting to tear your clothes off and cover you in whipped cream while youre handcuffed to a dining room chair. Youd be amazed by the things we think up during the course of the day and how often we think them (were just better at multi-tasking than you are.) Use this to your advantage: ask us whats on our dirty little minds. Well be happy to show you.

Never underestimate the power of a mood swing. And please dont diminish them to that time of the month or we need to get laid. Mood swings are sudden and can be hazardous to your health if you mess with us in the middle of one. Back away slowly and come back later.

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Were over your fear of our periods. Man up, guys: they go with the territory and theyre not gross. We honestly cant figure out how you can watch someone get their head blown off in a movie, then turn squeamish at the sight of menstrual blood. Quit freaking out and pick us up a box of tampons, some Midol and a pint of ice cream on your way home.

Wed rather you be direct. Even cavemen knew how to grunt and point. Hemming and hawing on your part leads to long, wine-fueled sessions with our girlfriends that result in conjecture and misunderstandings. If you tell us what you want, youll probably get it.

Nice guys really do finish lastand thats a good thing. Every woman has a bad boy phase but its nice guys with strong character that we want to wind up with. You dont have to be a doormat but kindness, intelligence and a good heart go a long way.

I speak for women everywhere when I suggest printing this and keeping it somewhere you can reference it often. When confused, read, then approach. We dont biteunless you forget the thing about the mood swings. Then all bets are off.

Kristin Booker is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer in New York City and has contributed to such publications as Marie Claire, Running With Heels, YourTango, SHEfinds, Daily Makeover and Ebony/Jet. She is also the creator and editor of Fashion.Style.Beauty, a fashion and beauty blog.

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