10 In Season Winter Fruits and Vegetables You Should Be Eating Now

Leah Bourne

Winter-Vegetables-1Think eating locally has to stop just because it is winter? Think again. Plenty of great vegetables and fruits peek in the winter months, meaning there is more than enough produce to enjoy even as the temperatures hover near freezing. Here’s what you should be eating now.
1. Parsnips: This thick and tough vegetable, closely related to the carrot, stays in the ground after the first frost, and is perfect for various winter dishes like hearty stews.
2. Sweet Potatoes: Not actually even potatoes (we know, it’s confusing), this versatile vegetable is the perfect side dish.
3. Brussels Sprouts: Brussels sprouts start to lose sweetness once they’re harvested, so eat them quickly, and the time to do just that is now.
4. Cabbage: Perfect for slaws, the lining of a steamer basket, dumplings, stir fry, you name it, this is a wonderful winter vegetable.
5. Persimmons: Tug gently on the stem of this vegetable to see if it is ripe and ready to eat. Now is the time.
6. Celeriac: Perfect for making stock with, this vegetable has all of the flavor of celery, without the stringy wateriness.
7. Citrus Fruits: Everything from pomelos to bergamot to kumquats to finger limes are in season now!
8. Turnips: Turnips have become synonymous with winter vegetables.
9. Beets: In season from the fall through spring, keep in mind that fresh beets are often sold with their greens still attached.
10. Escarole: This bitter chicory is in season in the fall and winter.
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