10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For Entertainment


In the never-ending quest to stay on the cutting edge, fashion designers often seem to think that there is no such thing as too outlandish. We understand that as trend dictators it is important for designers to be as innovative as possible. After all, women’s fashion changes at such a rapid pace, and designers are faced with the tough task of constantly dreaming up the next big thing. Sometimes though, thinking outside of the box can come at the cost of sense and practicality.

But before you dismiss trends as all-made-for-Lady-Gaga-types, all is not lost. While we may not be wearing any of these so-called “innovative trends” any time soon, they at least serve one purpose to keep us entertained. It seems that some of the most over-the-top looks come in the form of accessories. From the most ridiculous shoes to the wackiest headgear, check out our picks for some of the craziest accessories weve seen in fashion.

Heel-less Shoes91828 1273600203 10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For EntertainmentVictoria Beckham walking the red carpet in heel-less boots. Photo: Daily Mail

Maybe its just us, but last time we checked, heels were a necessary part of being able to walk. Just a couple of years ago, the always fashion forward Victoria Beckham showed up on the red carpet sporting a pair of Antonio Berardi heel-less boots. We know she can do just about anything she puts her mind to, but walking without heels? Apparently Mrs. Beckham knows some secret we dont know. The craziest part of all Antonio Berardi wasnt the first or last designer to send this impractical shoe trend down the runway. Both Marc Jacobs and Nina Ricci have incorporated heel-less shoes into past collections.

Sky-High Architectural Heels91824 1273600193 10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For EntertainmentClockwise L to R: Lady Gaga wears Alexander McQueen in her “Bad Romance” music video; Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 runway.

If the late Alexander McQueen was known for one thing, it was his knack for going places other designers haven’t gone before. In his Spring 2010 collection, he stunned onlookers everywhere by outfitting models in lethal 10-inch stilettos. You know a pair of shoes is over the top, when not one, not two, but three different models refuse to walk down the runway in them. The alien-like shoes may not be wearable to the rest of the sane world, but leave it to the ever eccentric Lady Gaga to be the first to don the heels for her Bad Romance music video (see top left).

Fashion Helmets91827 1273600201 10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For Entertainment
Giles Deacon Spring 2009 runway show. Photo: Style.com

We dont know about you, but were going to go out on a limb and say that walking down the street isnt exactly a dangerous endeavor. Which is why it seems a little ridiculous that designers like Giles Deacon, Daniel Avakian and Karl Lagerfeld have created fashion helmets, in ridiculous proportions no less. If youre riding a bike or motorcycle, then were all for keeping your head safe, but if you cant walk down the street or runway without a helmet, then perhaps youve got bigger issues than a helmet can provide.

Cutout Mannequin Belts91832 1273600633 10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For EntertainmentJeremy Scott Fall 2010 runway show. Photo: Style.com

Dear Jeremy Scott, you never cease to amaze us. We have to hand it to the designer, he sure knows the value of runway entertainment. After a Flintstones-themed Spring 2010 collection, we were curious to see what crazy looks Jeremy Scott had in store for his Fall 2010 show. The designer didnt disappoint when he sent his models down the runway wearing belts with giant Barbie-like mannequins attached. Talk about always having company.

Headgear Made of Human Hair91825 1273600194 10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For Entertainment
L to R: Lady Gaga dining at Nobu in 2009. Photo: INF. Animal-inspired hair hats by Nagi Nota. Photo: trendhunter.com.

Its one thing to use a few hair extensions to create some length for your ‘do, but we think it crosses the line when we start seeing shaped accessories made out of human locks. Were not really sure why were still surprised by anything Lady Gaga does anymore, but we were a little freaked out when she wore a bow made out of hair. Whatever happened to making a bow out of good old-fashioned ribbon? And as weird as Gaga’s bleached blonde literal hair bow may be, its still better than a dog-shaped headpiece made out of hair (above).

Hotdog Jewelry91829 1273600379 10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For Entertainment
Bernhard Willhelm Spring 2009 runway show. Photo: Trenddelacreme.com

Ever heard the saying, you are what you eat? Well according to Bernhard Willhelm the saying should go, you wear what you eat. Grabbing a quick hot dog at lunchtime is one thing, but stringing a few wieners together to wear around your neck is a whole another level of strange. (Is that supposed to serve as some sort of back-handed enticement for hungry models?) Thanks Bernhard, but we think well stick to eating our food, not wearing it.

Pubic Hair As Accessory?91830 1273600404 10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For EntertainmentBonded Print Dress by Vena Cava. Photo: Trenddelacreme.com

We know this one is a bit of a stretch as far as accessories go, but with whole underwear as accessory trend going on (Carrie Bradshaw anyone?) we couldn’t leave this Vena Cava trompe l’oeil shirt off the list. The printed tunic makes a play at bondage accessories with its graphic black detailing, but while we’re fine with the faux bra and underwear, does there need to be every detail? There’s everything from a butt crack to pubic hair!

Body Parts on Jewelry91831 1273600437 10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For EntertainmentHuman tooth rings by Polly van der Glas. Photo: likecool.com

It started back when Angelina Jolie wore a vial of Billy Bobs blood around her neck and continued when the seemingly normal Scarlett Johansson gave bf at the time (now hubby) Ryan Reynolds her wisdom tooth for his birthday back in 2007. But who knew the trend was here to stay and being interpreted for the masses? Advice to anyone looking to buy a birthday present for his or her significant other, we do not want your gross molars as a gift!

Vision-less Sunglasses91834 1273603411 10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For Entertainment
L to R: Paris Hilton sports Maison Martin Margiela’s L’incognito sunglasses. Photo: PopSugar. Lady Gaga’s infamous cigarette glasses in her “Telephone” music video.

Not being able to see through your sunglasses kind of defeats the point of wearing them. Apparently that is not the case for celebs like Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga. Our dear Gagas name has been mentioned a lot on this list, but it only makes sense seeing as were talking about outrageous trends. Really, what could be more outrageous then wearing sunglasses made of lit cigarettes? All we can say is, keep doing what youre doing Lady Gaga youre keeping us entertained.

Oversized Headphones91826 1273600198 10 Outrageous Fashion Accessories Made Purely For Entertainment
Walter Van Beirendonck Fall 2010 runway show. Photo: nymag.com

How bad does your hearing really have to be if you need headphones the size of your head? As interesting as these Walter Van Beirendonck headphones appear, we cant help but wonder how his models are even able to keep their heads upright.

What do you think of these outrageous fashion accessories? Let us know in the comments!

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