10 Extravagant Ways To Pamper Your Dog

Blair Pfander

In some US cities, pampered canines live better than people. At the Benjamin Hotel in New York City dog guests are greeted with plush bathrobes, while the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica offers doggy spa services (including “blueberry facials”) so Fido won’t miss out on the “fun” of your next spa excursion.
Here, a look at ten of the most outrageous doggy indulgences.
petroomservice 10 Extravagant Ways To Pamper Your Dog
10. Canine Room Service. Hotels like the W New York Union Square and the Farirmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica offer special “doggy menus” so your pooch can enjoy a treat after a long trek. Others, like Lowes Miami Beach, take it a step further with pet placemats and waterbowls.
petstroller 10 Extravagant Ways To Pamper Your Dog
9. The New Dog Walker. Granted, some pets may have a medical reason for requiring a “pet stroller,” but overwhelmingly, it seems these elaborate dog walkers—which can cost up to $300—are designed specifically for doggy pampering.
petsbathrobe 10 Extravagant Ways To Pamper Your Dog
8. Towel Off. The Benjamin Hotel in New York City provides pets with plush doggy bathrobes upon arrival. Not enough indulgence for Fido? Check out the “Dream Dog” package, which includes a consultation with a pet psychic.
7. Deep-Tissue Massage for Doggies. For $30, Buddha Dog in Los Angeles will give your dog (or cat) a thorough thirty-minute rub-down to relieve stress and tension. Longer massages are also available, along with a $10 group discount (so you can get your buds from the dog park in on the deal).
dogcake 10 Extravagant Ways To Pamper Your Dog
6. Bow-Wow Birthdays. District Dog in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, caters to a dog-loving hipster clientele with custom made doggy birthday cakes. Made from organic ingredients (all wheat, corn, and soy free), they may be the ultimate doggy treat.
5. Zen for Pups. Dogs who need their chi re-calibrated may be candidates for Animal Reiki, a method of “energy healing.” If you’re interested in becoming a practitioner yourself, the Animal Reiki for Healing center in New York City offers classes from $85.
4. Dog Shrink. Do you suspect your indulged pet’s poor behavior is due to some deeper psychosis? You may need a consultation with a dog shrink like Polly Anne Lloyd, a St.Clair, France based behavioral therapist who treats everything from separation anxiety to jumping on house guests and (gasp) leash-pulling.
3. Pet Plastic Surgery. Insecure pups need not suffer in front of prettier pooches at the dog park. New procedures—including, but not limited to, doggy face lifts, eye implants, and ear alterations—can bring scruffy pets up to show dog standards. But the procedure you’re likeliest to see involves Neuticals, a kind of faux-testicle implant (championed by Kim Kardashian and four-legged friend, Rocky Kardashian) for dog owners who bemoan the loss of their pups’ manhood.
poodles 10 Extravagant Ways To Pamper Your Dog
2. Wild Dog ‘Dos. Ever dream of transforming your pooch into Sid Vicious? Anything is possible at the Salty Paw, where Isaac Mizrahi had a fleet of poodles sheared and dyed for his fall 2011 runway show. For $225, a cut and style includes luxurious add-ons like a “paw de cure” with polish, a 30-minute holistic massage, and an oatmeal conditioning treatment.
dog facial 10 Extravagant Ways To Pamper Your Dog
1. Doggy Facials. The Fairmont Miramar Hotel caters to pet-loving celebs and A-listers with a menu of dog-specific spa services. Its most outrageous offering? The “blueberry facial.”

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