10 Celebrities Who’ve Caused Fashion Items To Completely Sell Out

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10 Celebrities Who’ve Caused Fashion Items To Completely Sell Out
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As a brand, you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing your products to the masses through commercials and advertisements, but there’s really nothing as powerful as, well, star power. In recent years, we’ve seen countless examples of celebrities who have stepped out in certain items, which subsequently sold out the second the photographs hit the Internet.

Of course, some stars have bigger sell-out powers than others. For example, if someone like Brooke Hogan or a “Teen Mom” star carries a Louis Vuitton bag, it’s likely that no one will run and place an order for it. Conversely, we’ve all know that anything Kate Middleton or Alexa Chung wears will turn into instantly-profitable gold, due to their reputations as serious style setters with tons of would-be emulators.

That said, we’ve narrowed down 10 of the most marketable celebrities when it comes to selling out fashion items. Some are predictable, but others might really surprise you—especially when you see the some of the high-priced items that have flown off racks thanks to a well-placed celebrity endorsement.

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Kanye West's capsule collection with French brand A.P.C. may not have been the most innovative thing ever. In fact, it was basically just ridiculously overpriced white T-shirts. Still, his star power proved to be the most important factor—and the line sold out almost instantly! 

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images For BET

Lindsay Lohan: While you may think a celebrity wearing your dress to court isn't the most rousing endorsement for a designer, that clearly wasn't the case with Lindsay Lohan. In 2011, LiLo wore Kimberly Ovitz's $575 Glavis dress (pictured here) to face a judge, and it sold out at every single online retailer that carried Ovitz's designs within days.

Photo: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

Victoria Beckham: When Posh Spice started to design dresses, many were unsure of what to expect. It turns out, she;s not only taken seriously in the fashion world, but she also happens to be her best advertisement. When she wore a black and magenta mini-dress from her collection in 2012, people were curious—and became even more interested when actress Michelle Williams wore a version of the dress on a red carpet. The result: The $900 dress sold out in days.

Rihanna: Pop superstar Rihanna is pretty much the ultimate trendsetter, which is why her collection for UK retailer River Island has been such a massive hit. Everything she wears from the range has done well—like the black dress above—but it's the accessories that have been true success stories. The black tattoo rucksack and towering lace boots that she's been spotted in have both sold out online.

Photo: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Sandra Bullock: At the January 2010 SAG Awards, Sandra Bullock wore a memorable–and very formal—black and blue gown by Alexander McQueen. Days later, it was up on Net-a-Porter, and the $3,382 dress completely sold out in 24 hours.

Kate Moss: British supermodel Kate Moss is known for bringing countless items into the pop culture realm, like Balenciaga bags and Alexander McQueen skull scarves, so her selling power shouldn't come as a surprise. When Moss wore a $150 panther claw-print dress from the collection she designed for Topshop, it sold out within fifteen minutes. The dress reportedly (and appropriately!) started multiple cat fights.

Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Emma Watson: The always stylish Brit manages to look as chic off the red carpet as she does when she's dolled up for a movie premiere. Case in point: Last year, she was seen out and about in a Scottie-dog print cashmere scarf by a company called Crumpet that retails for $270. It had completely sold out within a week, but the brand luckily continues to pump them out.

Photo: Andy Kropa/Getty Images

Alexa Chung: Alexa Chung is a testament to the power of the It-girl. When the Brit designed a second line with retailer Madewell, the website crashed thanks to the mass orders, and most items sold out, leaving shoppers frustrated.

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Madewell

Heidi Klum: Klum has found success through many channels in her life, but one of the greatest has been QVC. The supermodel and TV host has had a jewelry line with the home shopping network for years, and is frequently seen wearing her pieces out in public making people feel excited and more connected to her. Upon premiering her debut line in 2006, it sold out entirely in 36 minutes.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for QVC

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