The 10 Buzziest Movies From This Year’s Cannes Film Festival

Leah Bourne

Arguably the most important showcase in the world for filmmakers, the Cannes Film Festival offers a clear barometer of what pictures are going to do well when they hit theaters, which movies are Oscars contenders, and which rising stars to watch out for. In other words, the movies that do well at Cannes, are ones to keep in mind. Here, the 10 buzziest films from Cannes that are sure to make their mark on cinema in the coming year.

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1. “Bird People”

From French director Pascale Ferran, this movie tells the tale of an American who arrives in Paris, quits his job, turns off his cell phone, and seems destined to fall in love with the French maid at his hotel. A dark modern-day Cinderella story, this movie isn’t to be missed.

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2. “Clouds of Sils Maria”

Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart prove to be a dynamic duo in “Clouds of Sils Maria.” At the start of the movie, Maria (Binoche) learns that her old mentor, Wilhelm Melchior, a character who takes his cues from Ingmar Bergman, has died. She travels with her assistant Valentine (Stewart) to Melchior’s home in Sils-Maria, an area in the Swiss Alps, where she is forced to confront her own mortality.

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3. “Foxcatcher”

Already being called an Oscar contender, Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, and Steve Carrell are being heralded as offering some of their best performances to date in this movie.Tatum and Ruffalo play Olympic wrestling champions Mark and Dave Schultz, whose relationship is challenged when millionaire John du Pont (Carrell) sets his sights on Mark.


4. “It Follows”

This movie centers around the story of 19-year-old Jay who is haunted by nightmarish visions after a sexual encounter. An indie horror film at its best, be prepared to actually walk away from this film scared.

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5. “Leviathan”

This updated version of the “Book of Job” follows a Russian man (played by Aleksey Serebryakov) whose faith in his country is tested when he comes into contact with a corrupt mayor. This movie won the coveted screenplay award at this year’s Cannes.

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6. “Mommy”

Filmed entirely in a 1:1 aspect ratio, “Mommy” tells the story of widowed single mother Diane (Anne Dorval), who is struggling to raise her aggressive and unbalanced son alone. That relationship is further complicated by the arrival of an outsider.

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7. “Two Days, One Night”

Marion Cotillard plays a blue-collar factory worker named Sandra fighting to keep her job in this intimate character-based movie. Over a weekend, Sandra visits a large group of her co-workers in an attempt to convince them to give up their cash bonuses so that she can keep her job.

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8. “Whiplash”

JK Simmons plays a jazz instructor who stumbles upon a 19-year-old drumming prodigy. Quickly their relationship spirals into a dark place, turning this movie into an unexpected thriller.


9. “White God”

This dark movie offers a flipped version of a fable—when man’s best friend suddenly becomes his worst enemy. Being described as “technically astounding” this movie isn’t to be missed.

 The 10 Buzziest Movies From This Years Cannes Film Festival

10. “Wild Tales”

There is probably no bigger honor for a Cannes entry than being compared to “Pulp Fiction” and that is what is happening for Damián Szifrón’s “Wild Tales.” Choosing to not just tell one story, Szifrón tells many in his latest movie, all linked by characters. In one, a model catches a flight only to discover that many of the passengers have something in common. Then there is the tale of a waitress who is faced with a moral dilemma when a gangster she wants revenge on comes into her restaurant. In another, a wealthy man abuses a ‘redneck’ while driving on a deserted road, only to get a black tire.

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