10 Awesomely Bad Holiday Sweaters

Liz Doupnik
10 Awesomely Bad Holiday Sweaters
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Remember that scene out of Bridget Jones’s Diary where she encounters Mr. Darcy for the first time and makes that really awkward statement about his horrifyingly ugly sweater? Yeah, so we do we.

Look, we love the holiday season as much as the next girl (we think we’re even going to see the Rockettes this winter!) but that’s no reason to sacrifice some solid fashion sense in the process. Sure, we get that tingly feeling all over when the air FIRST starts to get cold and mistletoe accessorizes every doorway. But there are so many different ways to spread your holiday cheer unless you’re going to an ugly sweater party, in which case, go on with your bad self.

To help you avoid such similar encounters as Bridge and Darcy, we’re counting down 10 worst holiday sweaters you should avoid at ALL costs. Repeat: avoid at all costs. If you need further reference, you can go here to see what not to do.

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Don't be Darcy.

We know you like candy canes! You don't need to sport them on your sweater.

Vest. Enough said.

We wish we still thought Santa existed. Cat's out of the bag though, no need to wear his picture.

He looks like he's about to tell us off, a la NeNe from Real Housewives of Atlanta.

What is this?! A checkerboard?!

Again, a vest.

Instead of wearing a sledding scene on your sweater, how about actually GOING sledding or skiing for the weekend?

Carolers? They look like they might vomit all the sweets they've been eating all of December.

This is so busy we don't even know what this scene is.

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