10 Awesome New England Worthy Sweaters!

Kerry Pieri

I attended Sundance last year in the mountains of Utah, and there were many lessons learned. A) It is preposterous that celebrities are gifted so much free shit when they should be supporting brands instead of taking from them. B) I get why Robert Redford is displeased with the state of Sundance it has very little to do with film and a ton to do with marketing and commerce. And most importantly: C) When in the mountains of Utah, you will look ridic in made for Manhattan fitted, fancy ensembles. The fact that D&G and Michael Kors put Swiss Alps worthy wares on their Fall runways is just a fashion bonus.

Sometimes it’s necessary and utterly adorable to get your Fair Isle, snowflake, reindeer, or otherwise insanely cozy sweater on. Pair it with a parka and awesome boots (not Uggs please!) and you will be New England ski chalet ready in minutes cocoa not included.