10 Apple Dessert Recipes (That Aren’t Pie)



If our Facebook feeds are any indication, people love picking huge basketfuls of apples during autumn. What they do with all those apples is anybody’s guess, because a human being can only eat so much pie.

That’s not to say that pie doesn’t have its place on a fall dessert menu. We’re big proponents of the stuff, and we’ve previously featured fun apple pie recipes here and here. But while fresh apples and fresh apple pie are new and exciting in early September, they get tired after a few big holidays come and go.

What we’re saying is, you’re going to get sick of apple pecan pie, or Dutch apple pie, or whatever it is you’re going to eat seven slices of on Thanksgiving. And when that time comes, you’ll be glad you heard about the following apple dessert recipes.

bakedapples2 10 Apple Dessert Recipes (That Arent Pie)


Booze and apples go together like booze and many other things: quite well. Jessica from How Sweet It Is jam-packs honeycrisps with her special crumble mixture then douses them in bourbon before baking. You’re going to want to check out her recipe here.

Forget chocolate brownies or blondie brownies (for the moment, at least). During apple season, you’re going to want to make this apple brownie recipe by Erica at Cannella Vita, featuring chunks of apple baked right in.
caramel apple cheesecake barsCARAMEL APPLE CHEESECAKE BARS
Christy, AKA The Girl Who Ate Everything, wasn’t pulling any punches when she developed this recipe for her streusel-topped cheesecake bars. They’ve got thick buttery crusts, smooth cheesy fillings, and generous helpings of spiced apple topping.
salted caramel applesSALTED CARAMEL APPLES
When fall rolls around, Amber from For The Love of The South makes candy apples just like her mother always did. She also incorporates vanilla and sea salt to make her recipe really pop.
Pineapples make a nice upside-down cake. As it turns out, regular apples do too. Try this incredible recipe from Jane and Jennifer at Sunday Crush, topped (or bottomed?) with apple slices embedded in homemade caramel sauce.
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