“Zombie Boy” Rick Genest Loves Pain, Hates His Nickname

“Zombie Boy” Rick Genest Loves Pain, Hates His Nickname
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Ever since Rick Genest‘s appearences on the Mugler runwayshe’s Nicola Formichetti‘s museand in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video, he’s become a superstar in his own right. Although he is instantly recognizable due to his head-to-toe tattoos, the man known as “Zombie Boy” still remains a bit of a mystery.

He shares part of his story in the latest issue of GQ Italia, where he comes clean about a few interesting things, including the fact that he’s not too fond of his nicknameit was assigned to him by a prominent magazine and just stuck. When it comes to his hobbies, he is fascinated by tattoo art (shocker!), underground culture, sideshows and modern carnivals and spiritual Fakir work, which includes stunts like laying on a bed of nails. Rick sums up his interest in Fakir succinctly, saying, “the dead have no fear and feel no pain.”

Find out more about the most interesting model out there by watching the clip below!

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