You Have to Watch This Zales Ad Featuring 2 Women Getting Married

You Have to Watch This Zales Ad Featuring 2 Women Getting Married
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It’s 2016, but most of the couples we see in ads are still heteronormative: A man and a woman getting groceries. A mom and a dad putting the kids to sleep. A teen boy and his teenage girlfriend hanging out in the park. But a new ad from Zales wove a more modern narrative into its tear-jerking story—two women getting married in a beautiful outdoor wedding—and we couldn’t applaud loudly enough.

In a 30-second spot, a commentator discusses things the company believes the world needs: “more love that lasts,” “love that grows,” “love that’s worth waiting for.” Cue the shot of one woman sliding a wedding ring onto another woman’s finger, then walking back up the grassy aisle, their friends and family cheering them on. Don’t worry, we’ll wait while you find a tissue.

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Now that you’ve dried your eyes, here’s something else that might make you cry: Zales is already getting flack from at least one fundamentalist Christian group, the illustrious One Million Moms, which wrote up the ad on their website with the headline, “Zales Attempts to Normalize Sin.” OK, get over yourselves, guys.

Zales isn’t just haphazardly throwing a lesbian couple into the mix of their new ad; they also released a line of rings and necklaces last year called the Love and Pride collection, specifically for LGBTQ+ couples. Promoting “equality, diversity, and unity,” the designs are a really important addition to the wedding industry, and including a couple of women getting hitched on TV is equally necessary.

Are we there yet? Hell, no. But this is one tiny step closer.

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