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Your Thursday Twitter Roundup

Your Thursday Twitter Roundup

August 6th, 2009
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Here’s a smattering of random thoughts from the celeb Twitophere! Apparently healthcare doesn’t wait for Derek Blasberg, and COACD shares a pastime with us. Brad Walsh gives us baby name ideas, and Zoe Kravitz writes a riveting poem. Ashton Kutcher is still kind of a badass (kind of), and the female Sartorialist dons booty shorts. Oh, and welcome to Twitter, Karlie Kloss!

RT @dizzyblazeberg I never understand doctor’s offices. If you can’t see me at 930am, like my appt says, then let’s make it a 1030am appt. I got stuff to do, boo.

RT @COACD watching models shop for groceries should be a spectator sport.

RT @bradwalsh if you’re having a bad day today, just think of the name “brian dunkleman.” Sure to cheer you up.

RT @realzoekravitz roses are red violets are blue, fuck, I haven’t listened to radiohead in like, 3 days..okcomputer time please.

RT @aplusk Just had an employee pass out in my bed halfway through a party. Super fail.

RT @karlie_kloss is just now finding out about twitterthis is confusing.

RT@garancedore So I’m doing it. I’m wearing my very short red leather shorts. Today is going to be an Odyssey.

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