The Youngest Kardashian Sis: An Illegal Model?

Spencer Cain

A few weeks ago, news broke that pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne was set to debut her fashion line, Abbey Dawn, at New York Fashion Week. While I was certainly surprised to see that Lavigne would be giving design a shot considering her concept of style tends to involve way too much black and pink plaid, this was not the first strange move we have seen from the supposed “rebel” in recent months. Following her divorce from Sum 41 frontmanDeryck Whibley, she’s been seriously shacking up with Brody Jenner. Yes, the same Brody Jenner who made Lauren Conrad cry at Les Deux when she got back from her Teen Vogue trip to Paris. Sigh, simpler times indeed.

Anyway, Brody is obviously the son of Bruce Jenner, which makes him the step-brother to the Kardashian klan, and according to WWD, he hooked youngest sister Kylie, 14, up with a gig walking in his girlfriend’s show. After all the drama regarding model’s ages, and the suggestion to card before hitting the catwalk, this seems a little irresponsible. But seriously, what can you expect from the fame-hungry family? Oh, you can also expect sisters Kim and Kourtney in the front row!

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