#ThrowbackThursday: See a Young Bryan Cranston In This Yearbook Photo

Valeria Nekhim


You hear that? That’s the sound of people bawling and shrieking over the great injustice that is Sunday night’s final episode of arguably the hottest show on television: “Breaking Bad.”

Of course, the success of the AMC’s hit would be impossible without Bryan Cranston‘s harrowing portrayal of riveting antihero Walter White, a terminally ill sadsack chemistry teacher turned murderous meth kingpin. But before audiences got to watch White’s gripping transformation from good guy to villain, the actor who plays him had quite the career trajectory.

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While in junior college, the 57 year-old star was on track for a degree in police science when a guidance counselor urged him to take one elective. In an interview with GQ, Cranston said he chose acting simply because the list went in alphabetical order. He soon realized he was good at it, but he was relegated to mainly small television roles, including a commercial for Preparation H, and the more prestigious recurring part of a greasy dentist on “Seinfeld”.

The San Fernando Valley native’s big break came in 2000, when his audition for the role of Hal, a father to four wild boys on the TV comedy “Malcolm In The Middle,”  made the show’s creator laugh to the point of falling off his chair. It became clear that Cranston was a gifted physical actor, not to mention hilarious as the frazzled, but loveable Hal.

“Breaking Bad’s” creator Vince Gilligan, met the actor when he was a writer on the “X-Files” and chose Cranston for the part of an anti-semitic lowlife that viewers nevertheless cared about. When casting for the role of of Walter White, a bad guy who stills elicits sympathy, he knew Cranston would fit the bill. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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But before he was a bald meth manufacturer, not to mention a murderer — Cranston was a  young and strapping football-playing lad with plenty of hair, as you can see by this week’s #TBT.

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