For $20,000, You Can Have a Game of Thrones Character Named After You

Laurel Pinson

Game of Thrones Season 4

George R.R. Martin, the author of the wildly popular series A Song of Ice and Fire that provides the basis for HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” is currently helping to raise funds through Prizeo for two charities in his current hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico: Wolf Spirit (a wolf sanctuary) and Food Depot (an organization that supplies meals for people in need).

As you’d imagine, all of the donation levels are GoT-themed—from “Ranger” ($10) to “Lord Commander” ($600) and on up. Like any good crowd-funding campaign, Martin’s project offers fun rewards for folks who donate like hand-written thank you notes and signed maps of Westeros. But it’s at the “Extra Rewards” level that things get interesting.

Donations at the $4,500 level and above will net you tickets to the Season 5 premiere, scripts signed by the cast and crew, and even breakfast with dear ol’ George. And then there’s the maximum level: “Martyr.” For the (low?) price of $20,000, you have the opportunity to to have a character named after you in a future novel in A Song of Ice and Fire. (For those relatively new to the series: Martin hasn’t exactly finished all of the books in the series yet.)

Not only that, you also get to choose the character’s “station”—knight, whore, maester, lordling, what-have-you—and you will most assuredly “meet a grisly death.” Awesome, right?

There’s only one female character and one male character—and, as you can imagine, many folks have already made their donations—so it’s not exactly a sure thing, but what massive fan could pass on the chance to die an epic death at the hands of the man who wrote something like that Mountain vs Viper scene?

Watch the video about the campaign below, and let us know what you think: Is $20,000 a small price to pay for a place in the series?

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