Yes, You Can Now Get Your Taco Bell With Dorito Shells

Jessica Rubin

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a sour cream smothered Taco Bell treat after a long night at the bar. Since it’s hard to justify wolfing down jumbo-sized calories when you’re not under the influence, Taco Bell has safely established itself as the ultimate when it comes to drunk eats. And your late night snack is about to get a little more interesting.

Your taco will soon be coming at ya’ in a Dorito shell. According to the Gothamist, at precisely 12:01 am on March 8th you can roll through your local Taco Bell and get your nacho cheese-flavored taco shell full of beefy goodness.

Jon Eick of the So Good Blog is currently at the Taco Bell headquarters getting the scoop on these new Dorito snacks, so you can check out his Twitter here for more updates.

Will you be satisfying your junk food cravings with the new Dorito taco? Let us know in the comments section below!

Photo Credit: Gothamist.

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