New Year’s Fashion Resolutions You Can Absolutely Keep

New Year’s Fashion Resolutions You Can Absolutely Keep
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New Year’s resolutions: We’ve all made them, we’ve all tried desperately to stick to them, we’ve all broken them. While it’s key to not beat yourself up over failed resolutions, there is one type that’s a cinch to keep: Breaking out of a fashion rut.

We understand it’s hard to break out of your comfort zone, but resolving to start wearing (a little) more color, ditching your oversized bag, or starting to make the most of your shoe closet, can go a long way in helping reshape your look and your outlook on fashion for 2013.

Plus, with some seriously awesome styles surfacing this year, there’s plenty to consider trying, even if it means abandoning your familiar threads for a day. Here, we’ve compiled 6 common fashion resolutions, and offer tips to keep them, as well as shopping picks to get you started as you embark on a more stylish 2013—all the while keeping true to yourself!

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