Yacht Week On The Vivant Starts Now!

Leah Bourne

yacht week welcome Yacht Week On The Vivant Starts Now!All of this week on The Vivant will highlighting all things yachts. From the coolest celebrity yachts (you want to know who has their own nightclub on board), to classic yacht collectors, to secrets from a yacht captain, we plan on covering it all.
At this point, you may be wondering: Why yachts? Why now? Well, for most there is nothing more aspirational than imagining drifting out to sea on a yacht during the summer (don’t deny it, you have the same thoughts). So you may not be able to buy a super yacht like Roman Abramovich anytime soon, but you can certainly dream the dream.
Get in on the action with us. Share your dream yacht with us tweeting us a photo @TheVivant using the hashtag #yachtweek.

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