Would You Wear Gucci 3-D Glasses On A First Date?

Kerry Pieri

According to WWD, Gucci, A|X Armani Exchange, Converse, Calvin Klein, Nautica and Oakley introduced 3-D eyewear in the late months of 2010. They’re the sort that work with every model of 3-D TV and in theaters, as opposed to the versions of 3-D glasses that are electronically synced to specific television models.

Styles retail for about $69 from Oakley up to around $300 from brands like Calvin Klein.
3-D TVs are still insanely expensive and the technology is new, meaning they’re like buying the very first iPod only for like 3K. If I’m watching Step it Up in 3-D at home in my sweatpants, I don’t care what the glasses on my face look like. But, there is something to be said for not looking like a freak on a first date with those homely movie theater ones.

Whether you’re cool with being judged for showing up to a laidback movie date with Gucci 3-D glasses is all on you.

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