The Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time

Emily Laurence
The Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time
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When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, there’s only one way to go: all out.

And while some celebrities really bring it (can we have a moment of silence in remembrance of Heidi Klum and Seal‘s epic annual fete, please?), others completely miss the mark by either dressing unnecessarily scantily, not trying at all, or wearing something flat-out offensive (no need to revisit Julianne Hough‘s misguided Crazy Eyes costume).

Here, we rounded up nine celebrity Halloween costumes that left us feeling unimpressed—and, more often than not, just plain confused.

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Paris Hilton's Halloween costumes are so bad year after year that she warrants her own "worst looks" album, but this one takes the cake. What exactly is she trying to be anyway? Luckily, October is warm enough in L.A. to wear lingerie outside. Otherwise, Hilton probably wouldn't even bother dressing up.

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We love Ellen DeGeneres, but her Nicki Minaj costume actually makes us miss her suit-and-Converse uniform. Still, A for effort. 

Photo: YouTube/The Ellen Show

Rita Ora's idea to dress up as Barbie was cute in theory, but let's be real: Barbie would never stand for VPL like that. Ora's makeup is on point though, so we've got to give her some credit.

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Jessica Alba's Dora the Explorer costume would be OK if she was just taking her daughter trick-or-treating. But this is Heidi Klum's Halloween party—you have to go all out! (Exhibit A: the barely recognizable supermodel to Alba's left.) Hey, we're just being "honest."

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Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's outrageous MTV VMA performance was the pop-culture moment of 2013, and it was parodied by a slew of celebs for Halloween. But Perez Hilton's nude latex costume is cringe-inducing. And what's with those fangs? 

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It seems Kate Upton couldn't decide if she wanted to be Marilyn Monroe or a skeleton for Halloween, so she went as both—to dubious effect.

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Anyone who has ever dressed up as something obscure for Halloween knows how annoying it is getting asked, "Wait, what are you exactly?" all night. We're guessing Kelly Osbourne got a lot of that in 2014 with this look. Is she Margot Tenenbaum or Tippi Hendren's character in The Birds? We're still not entirely sure.

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Kris Jenner dressed up as a sexy officer for Kim Kardashian's Halloween bash a few years ago, but considering her daughter was hosting it, and, let's face it, Jenner's a total ham, we think she could have been a little more creative. 

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Congratulations, Jason Biggs. You are the most frightening Dorothy in Halloween history. And your little dog too.

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