From Real Gold Staples to a Remote Control Toilet: 10 of the Most Outrageous Luxury Design Items

Blair Pfander
From Real Gold Staples to a Remote Control Toilet: 10 of the Most Outrageous Luxury Design Items
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There will always be diamond-studded watches, top-notch cars and multimillion dollar estates. But you really know you’ve made it when, say, you keep your door open with a $3,500 concrete stopper, or when your $6,000 toilet features a remote-control heated seat.
Unnecessary? Maybe. But just try to pry that gold-plated banana bowl from our cold, dead fingers.
What outrageously unnecessary gear are you coveting? Tell us in the comments.

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If you're stashing fruit in a boring wood bowl or—even worse—in the refrigerator, you're missing out: Harry Alena's gold-plated banana bowl makes the act of retrieving an apple from the kitchen a super-luxe experience. $280; available at 


Design firm Rich Brilliant Willing felt the ritual of the evening cocktail needed a high-design update (or, at least, a dizzyingly high price-tag). Produced in collaboration with Karlsson Vodka, the kit—which consists of a marble millstone for grinding pepper, a glass dome, and two drinking glasses—is sized to house a very small bottle of vodka. The rest of the price just buys you bragging rights, we guess. $12,800; available at

Photo: Matter Matters/Matter Matters

Each one of Tobias Wong's concrete doorstops is cast from a Savoy vase (a very expensive piece of Finnish glass), which has to be smashed in order to create the distinctive shape. Shame about the vase, but at least Wong has finally addressed the world's distressing shortage of luxe door stopper options. $3,500; available at

Photo: Citizen-Citizen/Citizen-Citizen

Tobias Wong is something of a master when it comes to making highly expensive, exquisitely unnecessary items. We had to call out Wong's 24K gold leaf pills, which promise "to turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth." $425; available at

Photo: Citizen-Citizen/Citizen-Citizen

In need of a posh new hobby? It may seem like a ripped-jeans, front-porch kind of pastime, but Tiffany has given harmonica-playing a shiny new appeal with a luxe sterling silver edition of the old-timey instrument. $375; available at

Photo: Tiffanys/Tiffanys

Considering it's a game about amassing wealth, what could be more appropriate than a leather and gold Monopoly board? That's right: Monopoly has released a super luxe-edition of the classic game that boasts Dauphin calfskin sides, hand-crafted pawns and glittery silver and gold inlays. Two precision dice come in a pair of leather dice cups, while leather-bound bank boxes include money
separators for faux currency. $4,290 to $7,570; available at


Leave it to Jil Sander to make a luxury accessory out of a plain brown paper bag. Fashioned from coated paper and stitched along either side with gold metal eyelets, we wouldn't recommend stashing your sandwich in this sucker. $290; available at


Who needs mundane metal staples when you can turn in your next sales report with a real gold-plated staple? Designed by OOOMS, these 14k office supplies can double as jewelry with the help of an everyday stapler (of course, it's just a matter of time until you'll need a gold version of that as well). $76; available at

You may find yourself spending more time in the bathroom with the Toto Neorest, an extravagant new toilet that comes with an automatic lid opener, automatic flusher and automatic air purifier. As an added bonus, it features a heated seat with a remote control (though why you'd need to control it when you aren't sitting on it, we can't say). $5,980; available at 

Photo: Toto/Toto

Speaking of extravagant bathroom experiences, Renova's brightly-colored toilet paper—available in everything from bright magenta to jet black—is sure to impress your next house guest. $12 for a two-roll pack; available at

Photo: Remova/Remova

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