Who Wears What: World Leaders and Their Watches

Who Wears What: World Leaders and Their Watches
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For a lot of men, timepieces are one of the few ways to show off personal style, and it’s no different for world leaders. Take Russian President Vladimir Putin who has one of the most enviable watch collections around—its estimated to be worth a whopping $700,000. And then there is Bill Clinton. He may have worn a plastic Timex when he was in the White House, but since leaving the Oval Office he has developed into quite the connoisseur with prized pieces from Panerai and Roger Dubuis. The world leader with the single most expensive watch is former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi (you’re going to want to go through our slideshow to see how much his prized Vacheron Constantin is worth). Also, rumor has it that he gives away luxury watches as gifts, so you might want to try and get on his Christmas list.
Which world leader do you think has the best timepiece? Share with us in the comments!

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