30 Chic Workspaces From Pinterest and Instagram

30 Chic Workspaces From Pinterest and Instagram
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Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, it seems office decorating is having a serious moment. Between fresh flowers, interesting chairs, cool art prints hanging overhead, and a variety of other decidedly not-boring accouterments, it’s clear that having a desk space that’s well thought-out and curated is key.

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Granted, it can be hard to come up with design ideas for your own workspace—whether you head to an office every day, or work from home—so we’ve rounded up some of our favorites culled from Instagram and Pinterest to help you on your quest to creating the perfect desk area. No word if overhauling your workspace actually boosts productivity, but making it a place you want to be can’t hurt, right?

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Click through the slideshow to see some amazing inspiration so you can get started on sprucing up your workspace!

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